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What's the Buzz on Hive Music Festival? Rave Blog

What's the Buzz on Hive Music Festival?

As you can tell, we're already getting excited about the summer line up of music festivals! Duh! You've probably heard us talking about some of them already. Today, we want to highlight another of our favorites - the Hive Music Festival. If you're new to the music festival scene and need some recommendations and pointers, then make sure to give this blog a read. 

What is Hive Music Festival? 

Hive is a music festival taking place in Salt Lake City, at the Utah State Fairpark, during the summer, generally in August. The festival emphasizes the hip-hop side of things, with various artists performing over two days. The Hive Music Festival is a relatively new one, with its start being delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What Makes the Hive Music Festival Special?

Being a young event might mean that some will declare the Hive as "unproven." However, being an event still in its infancy means that it doesn't have the household name status of something like Coachella - which means that it can be easier to get your tickets. 

Of course, this isn't to say that Hive Music Festival is obscure. The 2021 festival was considered a smash hit and a great Utah music festival success story amid COVID. What got most people excited (and will be getting them excited) has to be the lineup. 

Post Malone, $uicideboy$, DaBaby, Trippie Redd, Don Toliver, and Jack Harlow all were featured in the 2021 iteration of the festival. As of writing, it looks like they're returning for the 2022 event. In particular, Post Malone gave an outstanding performance in 2021, giving pause to critics who suggested that the new festival might not find success. 

How Do I Prep for the Hive Music Festival?

Does Hive sound like it appeals to the hardcore hip-hop fan in you? Then maybe Utah should be on your travel list this summer! 

The Hive Festival is a two-day festival and doesn't require camping out like Electric Forest. This means it's excellent for a music festival newcomer, but it also means you'll want to get your hotel accommodations sorted out. Large bags and backpacks likely won't be allowed, so that makes preparation pretty easy!

First things first, you'll want to get your festival clothing in order. Utah in the summer is pretty blazing hot, so you should feel free to rock whatever kind of rave clothing you like. High-waisted Brazilian bottoms or high-waisted thongs are both pretty trendy this time of year. Festival tops also leave you with a lot of room to experiment with potential festival outfits. Mesh tops or sleeves will let your outfit breathe, and crop tops are always a solid bet. You can also try to simply go for festival dresses if that's more your style. 

You'll also want to make sure you are accessorizing for the ultimate slayyyy. An essential part of any rave outfits for women (or men) designed for hot weather are scarves and hoods to help keep the sun off. Hats, sunglasses, water packs, and sunscreen will also be musts as part of your sun-beating rave wear kit. 

If you're looking for more ideas for women's rave clothes for Hive Music Festival, or any other music festival you're excited about this summer, make sure to check out our shop. There are always new arrivals coming in, so keep your eyes peeled for that special piece that you can see yourself rocking come August!  

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