Featured Freedom Raver

Featured Freedom Raver
Raver Slackline
The best part about traveling the country on our festival tour has to be the people we meet! Through our little vendor booths we have had the chance to meet, connect and become friends with thousands of positive people, that quite frankly, we probably would have never met otherwise. #Grateful!
Recently, we met Cam and Mars at Global Dance Festival in Arizona. They were an absolute pleasure to get to know and we can't wait to see them again when we make our way back to Arizona!
Here are some sweet photos they sent us rocking the Cotton Candy Lasertag
Raver Slackline
Fur Animal Hood....on a DAMN slack line god knows how far off the ground...Fuc*#&@ SAVAGE!
Raver Slackline
I have tried slacklining before...it didn't go well and I was a few feet off the ground. Kudos to our featured FREEDOM RAVERS of the week!
Thanks Cam and Mars, love you guys!
-Alyssa & Mike
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