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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Festival Accessories: Spice up any outfit Rave Blog

Festival Accessories: Spice up any outfit

By: Liza Kliminsky (IG: @lizaklimm)

It’s almost time to head to the show: you’re putting the finishing touches on your makeup and you’re all dressed. But, you feel that something’s missing - the look doesn’t feel super complete and you want something with a little more wow factor. This is where accessories come in, they’ll become your new best friend! We’ve been hearing it from the fashion world since the beginning of time: accessories can make or break an outfit. A good thing in the rave world, almost anything can be used to accessorize! 

The OG accessory of all rave babes: fishnets! Fishnets have been a staple in many of our closets since our first shows, we’ve all known since day one that they make us feel and look great! But, as the scene has been growing, so has all of the rave fashion and fishnets are no exception. Rhinestone tights have become increasingly popular because they’re a super easy way to add a little more blind to your outfit and make you feel even more like the star that you are! Taking notes from performers like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, nude rhinestone tights are game changers. In pictures, you’ll barely be able to tell you have them on - but oh, how those legs will glisten! Another new development with fishnets and tights in our rave world is garter tights! These are a little more alternative compared to normal styled fishnets and tend to be a little sexier ;) Here’s a pair that combines garters AND rhinestones- ugh what more could we want? The easiest way to explore beyond typical black fishnets is with color, this is a great option for themed shows. For example, on Valentine’s Day instead of wearing black fishnets, I swapped them out for red ones and WOW, I felt like I was on fire! Fishnets are a fantastic staple for a reason, are you going to try out any of these new styles out?

Next up: harnesses! They have been making a big statement in the rave/festival world. They add a certain edginess to any fit. There are a million different kinds and each cater to a certain vibe. FRW has a more typical style harness hereThe chain adds some bling and the placement on the waist - will make you look snatched! If you’re looking for a softer look, there’s an elastic garter belt herePairing black harnesses or garter belts is super easy since they look good 99% of the time! If you’re a babe who loves color, spring for an iridescent harness to play up the brightness. The possibilities with harnesses are endless, they play up any fit you have and some of the bounciness from them, makes it even more fun to dance around in! 

Chain belt womenSilver harnesselastic garter belt


Something to love about FRW is how you can get matching bandanas (and even scarfs) for your favorite fit! Coordinating full outfits is a super easy way to ensure that you look great with minimal styling required (perfect for people like me!) Bandanas are a MUST for dusty festivals to help you keep the dirt off your face, but they’re also super convenient when it’s sunny and you get sweaty. Even if a matching bandana isn’t an option for your favorite fit, getting a plain black one from a craft store can make your life so much more enjoyable. 


reflective bandana

Bags are a necessity for any show or festival. You’ll always either see me with my hydration pack or a fanny pack. For the outdoor festivals and bigger shows, I’m always rocking my hydration pack because STAYING HYDRATED IS KEY! But, for smaller shows, I love fanny packs because they’re a stylish and comfortable way to keep your phone, chapstick, and gum all in one place. If you’re looking for a super cute and bright hydration pack, Vibedration is your place! Luckily, FRW sells them too :) Here’s a cute pink one.




And here we have my FAVORITE accessories - pashminas! To be completely honest, I always feel naked going to a show without one - it’s almost like a cute little security blanket. These guys are multi-use! If you get sweaty, pashmina. Don’t want to sit on the ground, pashmina. Get cold, pashmina. And the best thing is: there are a million different ones! The best place to find these beauties are in Tibetian shops or other stores that sell incense and the like. If you don’t live in a city that has these types of shops, I recommend checking out Amazon or keeping a lookout for someone selling them from a cart at your next rave! 


Reflective outfit


If you’re not into wearing accessories on your person, you can stick them to your face and body! Glitter and different face jewel designs can bedazzle you in the easiest of ways. So many colors, shapes, and designs, oh my! 

There are so many different ways to dress up your favorite fit and accessories can make outfit-repeating, a thing of the past! 

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