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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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A Social Squad Member's FRW Gift Guide Rave Blog

A Social Squad Member's FRW Gift Guide

sunset lover rave top

Happy holiyays! Are you just as surprised as I am that it’s already December?! I assembled the perfect gift guide from Freedom Rave Wear with tons of styles, prints, and coziness levels to choose from. Not only can you get all your holiday shopping done at once, but you can snag some NYE fits for yourself here as well. Did I mention they have INSANELY fast shipping?

rave face masks
Know someone who wants to dress cute but gets cold easily? Festival scarfs are the way to go! These were limited editions but there’s some left on the site. Super light and trendy, 10/10 will help keep the vibes high when the temp gets low.

Cut Outs
Chaps are trending and they are bootiful! Available in most prints and add a little flare to any outfit. Another cut out piece is the wonder top, but these go fast so snag them if you see them! Technically not a cut out, but I’d consider lace up items to be “cut out” lol. This is a new style *yay* and is currently in the retro bloom and black sparkle collection.

Daily Wear
How doesn’t love a good multi-use item? I love finding pieces that I can wear out normally and at a rave. FRW has t-shirts, tank tops, cropped shirts, cropped tops, shorts, bell bottoms, swim pieces, skirts, and masks! One of my favorite day to day wear items are the masks. The masks are all made with double layers which makes me feel better when going out plus it has an antimicrobial lining that inhibits bacterial growth. They have 2 versions: the quickie ear loop and over the head. The quickie ear loop is great if you plan on taking it on and off or plan to wear your mask for a quick moment. The over the head one is great if you want to wear it for long amounts of time and don’t want your ears to hurt from the band pulling.

Rave mask
My Personal Favorite
The v free top is one of my favorite FRW items! It is so versatile and cute I can’t help but to want to get it in every print. They have enough support to work out in, comfy enough for lounge wear, and super cute for raves. I personally love this top so much because it’s so hard to find rave tops I can shuffle in without wearing a bra or anything else for extra support. This top comes in almost all prints and has matching bottoms as well!

Double the trouble or double the fun? Get a matching set with your festie bestie or partner in crime, it’s the perfect excuse to get a new fit as well! There’s lots of prints with multiple styles to choose from. Some styles of the bottoms include low waist, v free, high waist, high waist brazilian, high waisted thongs, sporty, extra strappy, chaps, lace up, bell bottoms, and skirt. Some styles of the tops include bikini, wrap bikini, v free, sporty, lace up, cropped, scoop neck tank, wonder, sleeves, bralette, shirt, cropped shirt, and tank.

rave mystery box
Bad at choosing gifts? Look no further and let FRW do all the choosing with mystery sets. Current mystery boxes available are: bralettes, crop tops, low waist bottoms, scrunchies, bikini tops, and arm sleeves. I have gotten a couple of these mystery boxes in the low waist and have been super ecstatic with what I received! I highly recommend getting these as gifts (or for yourself). One of my favorite parts of getting a mystery box is the surprise element. Sometimes you’ll get prints that are not on the site which is truly a treat! If you get this as a gift and they ask what you got them you can technically say you have no clue which is true hehe.

Mystery box: low waist bottoms 1 set comes with 3!

Gift Cards
If you’re unsure of what to get them or what size a gift card is a great alternative! Not only are you getting a loved one a gift, but you’re also supporting a small business *double win*

rave girls gift guide Checkered bralette(left) Reflective v free bra and black face mask(right)

So many great options to choose from and with sizes XS-2XL FRW is inclusive and sustainable. Their technology uses 30% less carbon emissions than fast fashion brands and lasts way longer. FRW even offers a lifetime warranty for all their pieces. I’ve had pieces that are years old and never had an issue. Shout out to Alyssa and Mike for creating one of the biggest rave brands out there their team is absolutely the sweetest! 

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