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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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How to Be Low Impact at Raves Rave Blog

How to Be Low Impact at Raves

Any event where you can get the crowd energy going is going to be an exciting one. That’s part of the magic of raves. 

However, a lot of people also means a lot of litter. Cutting down on the environmental impact of festivals is partially the responsibility of the hosts, but every person attending can do their part too. This blog will cover some ways to be a low-impact festival attendee, so you can rave on without worrying about the harm you’re causing to the planet. 

Choose Green Festivals

More and more raves are looking for ways to try and cut down on their carbon footprint. This could be by purchasing carbon offsets or committing to using less plastic in their suppliers. This can take a little bit of research, but checking out what steps a particular festival is taking should be something you consider when planning out your rave calendar. 

You should also keep in mind that a lot of raves that purport to be “green” simply because they take places outdoors might not be all they are cracked up to be. Outdoor rave areas are a great idea, but not if they are taking place in an environmentally sensitive area. And have you ever thought about illegal raves? Do your homework beforehand. 

Support Eco-Minded Festivals and DJs

There are plenty of DJs out there who are taking a firm stand on climate action. Many of them specifically hold rave and music festival events to try and raise awareness of climate change and to raise money for climate action. If there’s such an event going on near you, make sure that you do your best to give it some support! 

There are plenty of ways that festivals can “go green” from using electric vehicles for all their transportation needs, to making sure that they only serve vegan options if they are providing food. Make sure to give a shout-out of love to the festivals that are really going the extra mile for the planet. 

Travel Green

Just finding a green festival is one thing - but you should also take the time to carefully consider where it’s at. Any kind of travel is going to probably involve some sort of a carbon impact, but you can take steps to mitigate this. It just depends on how you are getting there.

If it’s local and you’re driving, you should consider carpooling with friends if possible. This is a lot more efficient than everyone driving on their own and will cut down on total emissions. If you’re traveling by plane, there are fewer ways to directly cut down on your carbon footprint - but you should look into buying carbon offsets.  

Bring Reusables

When preparing your rave pack, you need to make sure that you are bringing as many reusables as possible. This will cut down on the number of things that you need to toss out. So this means bringing a reusable water bottle, instead of plastic ones. Try to bring a bottle of hand sanitizer instead of individual antibacterial wipes. Pack your own snacks instead of those with extra packaging, or look for reusable silicone earplugs. You were creative when it came to choosing your rave wear - now it’s time to get creative with how to avoid creating litter!

Fight Rave Litter 

Before you get down to raving, it’s important that you figure out where all the proper waste receptacles are located at the festival. This means that you can easily find them mid-festival to dispose of any recyclables you have, instead of putting them in the trash or creating more rave litter. 

If you have the chance after the rave, see if there are any opportunities to volunteer for cleanup. At the very least, try to get rid of rave litter as you see it. Raves and music festivals are all about the community- and a good community picks up after itself. Make sure that you get everyone who comes with you to commit to doing some cleanup as well. 

Recycle Your Favorite Rave Accessories

Sometimes you’re just finished with a rave outfit or a set of festival clothing. That’s perfectly natural to happen sometimes. However, you should really think before you go tossing your outfit and accessories into the trash. Is there a way that you can reuse them?

Many new ravers would love the donation of certain rave accessories or pieces of festival outfits. If you only wore your race outfit crop top for a short while, why not share the love? Some rave accessories, such as Kandi, are designed to be passed on rather than tossed out as rave litter. You can also find a lot of re-usability for some rave wear pieces. Why not see if you can’t turn them into a cute Halloween costume

And of Course, Shop With Freedom Rave Wear 

Of all the parts of a rave that cause pollution, you might not have considered your rave wear to be an environmental hazard. However, many companies make rave clothing in ways that pump a lot of toxins into the environment - and that’s not even talking about the emissions from the global supply chains they use.

That’s something you’ll never have to worry about at Freedom Rave Wear. All of our products are made from a majority of recycled materials. Our production process is designed to be low-waste and low-impact, and we do all of our manufacturing in our local micro-factory. If you want to learn more about how we make all our festival fashion in an eco-friendly manner, make sure to check out our page on our Eco-Friendly policies here

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