Get Groovy!!!! - Groove Island 2019 Announcement

Are you looking for a fun new EDM event that provides serious ROI? Make new friends, listen to good music and make unforgettable memories! No doubt if you are a veteran raver, you know the name Groove Cruise, and if you haven't been on a cruise yet, I highly recommend it. Here's a photo that captures the fun we had at Groove Cruise Miami back in 2017. Since then we have ventured on the Cabo leg of the GC cruises and are planning to attend many more.

The cool part about Groove Cruise is that they take the festival experience to a whole new level. Costume parties, group events, and great DJ's make these events memorable, as they provide the right environment to make lifelong friends. It can sometimes be weird talking to strangers, but if you are both wearing toga costumes, it gets easier. So introvert or extrovert, this is your place to feel community.


Alyssa and I have been to 75+ festivals since we started FRW, and I can say that Groove Cruise is easily top 3 all time (I'm a seasoned vet, take my advice.) If you are a party goer, love meeting new people and get pleasure from immersing yourself in new environments, I can't think of a better place than Groove Cruise. So if you are stoked to experience this for the first time, click the link below. If you have already set sail on a GC fam boat, click below and do the damn thing again! If you aren't convinced you need to try Groove Cruise by now, call me, you may need some help 😉Oh, and did I mention, Groove Island 2019 is an all-new experience to Catalina Island. So get the squad ready, see you there!

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