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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Halloween Costume Guide 🎃 Rave Blog

Halloween Costume Guide 🎃

By: Kimberly Miller (@kimmillerfit)

BOO! It’s that time of year-Halloween is around the corner and, like everyone else, I’m sure you’re starting to think about what this year’s costume will look like. Purchasing a full-set costume can be on the pricier side nowadays-but what fun is Halloween without a costume? Luckily for you, FRW has come up with an incredible line of costume and Halloween-themed items that can be paired with the FRW items you may already have and love. By pairing some new accessories with looks you already have in your closet you will save a TON of money but still have a complete look. So let's get into it! We are going to show you a ton of looks that have been put together by the FRW stylists themselves. As a bonus-I’m going to touch on some of the FRW items I personally own-and how they can be worked into a perfect Halloween look.


Some of the FRW looks:


1-Flower Whisperer

(PICTURED: Pixie Flower Arm Wraps Leg Avenue, Warrior Princess Belt, My Heart Is Yours Platform Boots, Luminous Soul Sequin Bralette, Luminous Soul High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms)




(PICTURED: Maleficent Horns, Dragon’s Breath Buckle Top, Dragon’s Breath High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms)



(PICTURED: Fireman’s Hat, Fire Babe Fishnet Biker Shorts and Triangle Top Set)

4-Police Officer

(PICTURED: Lace Up Rhinestone High Waisted Bottoms, Long Sleeve Lace Up Rhinestone Crop Top, Rhinestone Police Hat)


5-Rainbow Butterfly

(PICTURED: Rainbow Butterfly Wings, Acid Sky High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms, Acid Sky Extra Mile Bralette)


(PICTURED: Aurora High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms, Light Up Deer Antlers With Flowers, Aurora Sequin Bikini Top, Winter Solstice Harness)

My personal picks:

Based on the FRW wardrobe I have at home and after taking a closer look at what’s available on the FRW website I’ve come up with some extras. Below I’ve listed several “costumes” and the associated FRW products that would fit well into the costume theme.

Pocahontas-the huntress collection beautifully fits into the Pocahontas theme. Add 2 braids and a headband with feathers to complete the look.

Angel/devil-pair any red FRW top and bottom set with devil horns and some dark, edgy makeup for a devilling look. Pair any white FRW top and bottom set with a halo, lighter makeup, and white/silver glitter for an angelic look.

American girl-Shop the FRW liberty collection and pair with patriotic-themed makeup or an America flag!

Black cat-put together a look with black Demonia platform boots, a black FRW top and bottom set, cat ears and whiskers or a tail.

Futuristic babe-pair a sleek, monochromatic FRW top and bottom set or bodysuit with FRW shields and a high ponytail or braid

Army babe-Put together a costume with FRW army green collection items. Add a leg or hip holster and black lines on the cheeks to complete the look.

80s Aerobic Instructor-this one is pretty easy-simply put together any FRW neon top and bottom, wear high socks, runners, a high pony, and headband!

The BEST part about ALL of these looks is that you can re-wear the top and bottom sets and shoes to any festival or event and rock a completely different look! Taking away the costume extras will bring your outfit back to a super cute and trendy outfit to wear anywhere, any time. Add different accessories-like chains, wraps, face gems, fishnets-anything, really, for a unique touch. No longer is the $100 Halloween costume that gets worn once and never sees the light of day again! These FRW Halloween fixes will live on to see more festival days.


XO Kim

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