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Journey into the Heart of Shambhala: An Interview with the CEO of FRW Rave Blog

Journey into the Heart of Shambhala: An Interview with the CEO of FRW

Recently, our team embarked on an exciting journey to the iconic Shambhala Music Festival. Full of exhilarating performances and vibrant fashion trends, the festival experience was nothing short of transformative. I caught up with Mike to get the inside scoop about the Shambhala adventure and its impact on Freedom Rave Wear.

Q: What motivated you to attend Shambhala this year?

We decided to attend Shambhala this year to immerse ourselves in an iconic festival we had heard so much about, but had never experienced first-hand. Plus, the opportunity to document the vibe through Noah's videography and Alyssa's photography was too exciting to pass up.

Q: What were your expectations going into the festival?

We knew Shambhala was legendary for its dynamic energy, incredible performances, and extraordinary sense of community. We were ready and excited for an unforgettable adventure!

Q: How did you prepare for your trip to Shambhala?

In preparation for the trip, we assembled our gear, which included camera and video equipment, and a wardrobe full of bold and vibrant Freedom Rave Wear outfits. Mentally, we primed ourselves to be open to new experiences and prepared to absorb every moment.

Q: What items were essential for you to pack?

Apart from our camera equipment, essentials included hydration packs, comfortable shoes, and of course, a wide selection of Freedom Rave Wear to keep us in style throughout the festival.

Q: Given that we work with rave fashion, how did you go about choosing your outfits for the festival?

We approached outfit selection with our brand ethos in mind: bold self-expression. We curated looks that were fun, comfortable, and reflective of our individual styles.

Q: Which performances stood out to you the most, and why?

Sub Focus was undeniably outstanding. The intensity of the bass on stage was so profound that I had to step back a few times!

Q: Were there any surprise acts or performances that you found particularly impressive?

Absolutely! The river experience was an unexpected highlight. Imagine a festival of ravers converging in the forest, surrounded by music and the cool feel of melting snow. It was a perfect blend of community, nature, and music.

Q: Can you describe the atmosphere at Shambhala?

It felt like an extended family camping trip in the mountains, with an overarching focus on living in the moment. The absence of phones and alcohol fostered a very serene and present atmosphere.

Q: Tell me about some of the interesting people you met there. How did they contribute to your overall experience?

Every interaction was a highlight in its own right. Knowing that there's a whole community out there who live conventional lives but can 'go feral' for a weekend, then bounce back to normality, provides a comforting sense of unity and shared experience.

Q: What were some standout fashion trends you noticed among the attendees?

Self-expression through fashion was a central theme at Shambhala. Dressing up wasn't just about looking good; it was a way for people to share a piece of their inner selves with the world.

Q: How was Freedom Rave Wear represented at the festival? Did you see our brand in the crowd?

Indeed, it was always a thrill to see people wearing Freedom Rave Wear. It's a feeling that never gets old.

Q: What were your personal highlights from Shambhala?

Seeing our collective efforts materialize into something that can be replicated for future shows was a personal highlight. I'm excited to send the rest of the team to more shows and share those experiences with our followers.

Q: Could you share a particularly memorable or impactful moment from your time there?

Being on stage for Sub Focus was a memory that will last a lifetime.

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from the festival experience?

The biggest takeaway was a powerful reminder that life is too short not to dance, dress up, and let loose! It reinforced why we love what we do at Freedom Rave Wear.

Q: How has the Shambhala experience influenced your perspective or plans for Freedom Rave Wear?

Experiencing Shambhala has inspired us to continue creating clothing that allows people to express their love for the rave scene and their unique styles.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone planning to attend Shambhala for the first time?

Absolutely! Be open, be kind, and prepare to dance and unplug. Pack your essentials, grab some Freedom Rave Wear, and get ready for the time of your life!

Q: What are you looking forward to for next year's festival?

We can't wait to repeat the experience! We're excited to meet more amazing people, explore new trends, and see where the rhythm takes us. Of course, we'll be bringing the freshest Freedom Rave Wear looks. See you there!


Reflecting on the Shambhala Music Festival experience, it's clear that our team came away with a renewed sense of inspiration, camaraderie, and connection to the rave community. From captivating performances to the evolving trends in rave fashion, the event was a vibrant testament to the power of music and self-expression. As we look forward to next year, we're excited to see the continued evolution of Freedom Rave Wear and its influence within the festival scene. Whether you're a veteran raver or planning your first trip to Shambhala, let's all remember to be open, be kind, and dance like nobody's watching. Here's to another year of unforgettable moments, fierce self-expression, and the rhythm that unites us all. See you at the next festival!

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