Nocturnal Wonderland: Where Creatures of the Night Come Alive!


Twas the night before Nocturnal Wonderland
And all through the FRW house
Every creature was stirring 
Like it was literally craziness

^ Okay so that is quite possibly the worst poem that has ever been written, but you get the idea. Maybe?

The night before the Freedom Wagon leaves for a festival is abuzz with excitement, nervousness, stress, more excitement, more stress, late night cheesy snacks, words of encouragement, swear words, and more excitement. In fact, the only reason I am able to sit down and write right now is because I sprained my ankle tripping over my dog and am more or less useless in the loading department...

I digress. We are stoked for Nocturnal Wonderland, and we hope you are too. Stoked for some dope music, dancing, neck-breaking, crazy outfits, and of course, hanging out with us at the FRW pop-up shop. We will be posted up at Vendor Village and would LOVE to see everyone! We will have our Serpentine and Acid Sky collections on display for the first time, and they will be flying off the shelves, so stop by the first night to make sure you can snag some swag before it runs out!

And no matter how crazy things get at the booth, we are always down to hang out, make friends, take pics, and make memories with whoever stops by. So don't be a stranger!


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