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Packing Light for Festivals

By Sarah Reese

People tend to always overpack for trips. Wait, it’s me. I’m people. 

Baggage is never good. Emotional... (yea that is us) and physical. If you are flying, it usually costs SO much. If you can squeeze things into your carry on, you might save some cash! If you are driving with 4 girls in the car, you just don’t have room. Furthermore, if you are camping, well, forget having space to sleep. 

It’s 2019. We can work smarter. Not harder. 

Here are some things I have learned along the way:

Do you really NEED that? First and foremost, only pack the essentials. I know we all have boots for every outfit, but if you have to save space something has to go. Make a list. Stick to what you need. 

Check where you are staying. If they have toiletries, just don’t pack them. There is no need. 

Bringing a buddy? Ok. SHARE. 

Decide what each of you are bringing and don’t pack twice. She is bringing shampoo, you bring the hairspray. She is bringing the toothpaste, you bring the sunscreen. I know we all have our personal preference but if it’s not gonna kill you and you need to save space, it works! 

Skip everything full size. If your products only come that way, grab the cheap dollar travel containers. 

This can be used for that AND that. 

  1. Makeup wipes? Take the travel pack into the fest and use that night to wash your face. 
  2. Get a foundation that has SPF, and use the spray for the body only. 
  3. Use hair glitter spray for hair and body. 
  4. Instead of packing hair gel, glitter gel, and any other gel for glitter, pick something that works for all. Use the hair gel to apply glitter to the body, tighten up the braids, apply glitter to the hairlines. Get creative!
  5. Your poncho can be used to sit on the ground. Do you really need a blanket?
  6. If you like the read while you travel, take the books digitally. (I know, I like the book better too, but save space.)
  7. Your hydration pack can be your purse/backpack. You do not have to shove it into your suitcase. Just make sure it’s empty. 
  8. If you aren’t camping, use your sweats, leggings, sleep pants, as your “travel day” clothes. 
  9. One charger is enough for ALL devices. If you have multiple types of devices, get a universal charger that allows for iPhone and micro. A charger like this charges my phone, my Bluetooth speaker, my light-up shoes, and my vapes. 

Get really creative with your packing and traveling. Sometimes less is more. You don’t want to have to pay extra for traveling and you don’t want to have to carry more than you need. 

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