Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Planning Social Distance Halloween 2020 Rave Blog

Planning Social Distance Halloween 2020

  • Find YOUR Halloween Social Distancing Rave
  • Looking for a Halloween Dance Music event to end the month? Look no further! Here is YOUR Guide to some of the biggest event this Halloween season! Use this every changing map, find an event near you! New events are added daily! Learn more about your local promoter and their social media pages. Be sure to follow them and interact with their brand: you never know what prizes you might win! 

    There are so many amazing events going on that it’s tough picking which ones to attend. Ideally, we would like to attend ALL of them, but generally work, money, distance, and responsibility won’t allow it. So how do you pick which events to attend and which ones to skip? We recommend taking these five things into consideration when planning out which events to attend: the lineup, price, accessibility, what kind of experience you want to have, and lastly what other festivals you’ll be attending. Most DJ’s have not played any live shows the entire year: expect that if a DJ that has started a tour that they should eventually make it to a promoter or venue near you.


    rave girls drive in rave


  • Set your social-distancing crew and designate a SOBER DRIVER
  • Once you’ve figured out what event is best for you, the next step is you find your crew! Purchase your tickets and be sure to have the correct ticket type for the number of people in your squad (events range from allowing one entry per ticket to entire car or SUV passes). Read the event FAQ or ask the promoter over social media if you have any questions about what you are buying. Be sure you have a SOBER DRIVER in your group of friends: offer to buy them soft drinks or merchandise in exchange for keeping the squad safe!

    Have a plan to take care of your mental health and physical health on-site. Discuss with your friends in advance how to address possibly hypothetical stressful scenarios to help you and your crew stay safe and happy during the event! These are unprecedented times: its ok to establish strong boundaries with strangers during this time. 


  • Plan your outfit! Costume and Casual Wear GALORE!
  • One of the best parts of attending an event can be planning your outfits!! This can particularly be a fun thing to do amidst mundane routine of working from home during the pandemic. Who doesn’t miss corralling up your friends and talking outfit ideas? Although we haven't been able to strut our stuff for the normal summer festival season this year, a Halloween drive-in is a perfect time to shop for a new outfit and coordinate some fire looks with your squad again! Wondering what to wear to a drive-in? Freedom Ravewear has you covered with stylish, functional yet eco friendly apparel for any shape, size and body! 

    For Drive-in Raves and Hotel takeovers, you have the luxury of being able to bring in an unlimited layer of clothing. Ravers: BE PREPARED FOR THE COLD! 


    Male raver drive-in rave


  • Make a plan for your space! 
  • Once you arrive to a drive-in or pod rave, each crew is given a dedicated spot around 20x20. Ravers are encouraged to decorate their space; some events (like EDM-Drive In) provide prizes to the most enthusiastic decorative attendees! LED Lights, Lawn chairs, cup pong tables, blow up kiddie pools, corn hole, and even a full-size blow-up couch, are just a couple cool things people use to occupy their parking spaces. Recreate the electric forest vibe, your spot with tikis and leis for a Luau theme, or bring a couple blow up aliens and lasers for a space theme: be creative with your spot to make it feel even more like your favorite festival! Combined with flow toys, and you’ve got yourself a perfect set-up!

    Pooja Shah is an LA-Based IT Consultant and the FestivalAddicts Website monkey. When she’s not posting articles, playing video games, or headbanging to the latest Lost Lands Compilation Album, you can follow her festival adventures on Instagram @Pooja_Shahnanigans

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