PSA: Face Mask Info

At Freedom Rave Wear, we have rapidly re-tooled so we can provide you with with more mask options that are high-quality and comfortable to wear.  They also happen to look fantastic!

All of our face masks add a physical barrier to your face.  At the very least, they serve as a reminder not to touch your face, and that's not all:


  • Face masks vary in their ability to filter pathogens.  The tighter the weave of the fabric, the more likely it is to trap a droplet containing a virus.  We have selected materials that have a tight weave, to filter more pathogens, yet allow you to breathe. 
  • Some of our designs include an option to utilize fabric that incorporates antimicrobial elements that help prevent bacteria build-up and odor. 
  • All of our masks utilize multiple elastic draw-strings that reach around your head and are adjustable to provide a more secure and comfortable fit. No loops around your ears, so you stay comfortable, and the mask stays where it should.
  • We are looking to add additional filtering abilities in our mask designs as supply chains open up.  If you happen to have an N95 mask, you can use our mask as a cover to get more longevity from the underlying mask. Place your FRW mask over another mask, or our mask it on its own.  Either way, you will be adding a level of protection, comfort and style.
  • Our masks are washable so they can be reused, making them an excellent value. 
  • We also recommend that you wear eye protection (goggles or glasses) and gloves.
  • Be you. Be free. Be healthy!

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    - Stephanie

    What are the measurements for the different sizes?

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