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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Rave at Home: 5 Ways to Level-up Your Rave Game Rave Blog

Rave at Home: 5 Ways to Level-up Your Rave Game

STAY AT HOME! It's on the news, its on social media, and its being yelled at citizens
across the world. While most introverts are finding little trouble, extroverts are having a difficult time channeling their creative energy during the downtime. Many Festivals
goers have found solace in the #RaveatHome movement. Production Giant Insomniac
Events and new era content sharing platform Beatport have produced several
successful live stream music events week after week to help provide a platform to live
event DJs, as well as help encourage ravers to stay at home.

1.) Plan your music strategy:

trippy led light wall

The best way to start leveling up your #RaveatHome game is to do some research on
the planned live sets out there! Follow your favorite DJs, production companies and
brands on Social Media. The best way to find sets is to get them directly from the
source. Depending on the platform, you’ll also likely receive a reminder notification
when the artist goes Live! There's also a handy directory here!

Not only is the source of your music important, but the quality in which it is delivered is equally important! Make sure you have the applications for Twitch and Youtube installed on your streaming devices. Consider using a TV or Sound System over streaming from a laptop computer. These types of decisions will really play into the ambiance of the room.

Instagram Live is the perhaps least preferred method of live music streaming
consumption. Both the Video and Audio quality are terribly reduced, and the content is not retained past 24 hours.

2.) Keep your Rave Routine and Dress the Part

rave girl neon lights

Decorate! Dress up! Pregame! Lose your ID before pretending to leave the House! Put
some effort into recreating as much of the authentic rave experience at home. Give
yourself time to complete your entire #raveday routine, including eating your favorite
foods, picking up your favorite drinks, and planning your looks out beforehand!
Use extra free time to really push your beauty boundaries in the comfort of your own
home. With no risk of being late or feeling ugly around others, now the time to try new things! Youtube is a researcher’s best friend! And when in doubt, just replicate and

3.) Take Advantage of Twitch, Zoom, and Facebook Live Parties

Stay connected with friends and family from afar by utilizing technologies that corporate millennials have been privy to for years!

Twitch, a social media site popular for gaming streamers has now become a hub for live viewing. With its low technology input requirement, DJs across the country from
Deadmau5 to GRIZ have utilized Twitch to stream and share their content.

Zoom is popular web conferencing tool, similar to Skype, but with more features kinned to the business user: such as easy screen share, muting, and presentation functions. Zoom Rooms are also accessible simply via a shared link with no install or download

For the shy or less visually included, Facebook also has a private watch party feature. Anyone with the link to the chat room can enter and exit, but they must be a Facebook

4.) Engage with your favorite Brands, Companies, DJs, and Artists: ITS FUN

m4ximus festival photo

Tag, Share, Like and ENGAGE with your favorite brands during this downtime: THEY
ARE LISTENING. Whether its something as simple as sharing a memory or as
complicated as making sponsored posts, now is the time to engage, talk and
collaborate! Fun Fact: Many reply back! Participate in their contests and viral challenges and come of your brand’s top fans. Ask questions, give feedback, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Who knows? Someone may agree to take you to your High School Reunion for enough likes, tweets or follows.

You never know what type of opportunities a high level of engagement could achieve.

5.) Upgrade your At-Home Production

funy rave photo covid-19

With no rules, means no limitations. Now’s the time to break out the light gloves,
blacklights, flow toys and more! Redecorate your room to fit the vibe of the livestream
you are watching whether is be an alien vibe for Countdown NYE or a international vibe for Tomorrowland. Recycle your old Christmas lights without having to make an extra financial investment!

Your camping gear can also be put to good use! Influencers like the Rave Deodorant
Guy have set up tents in front of their televisions complete with air mattresses and
sleeping bags to recreate the Camping Festival Feel. Others have used the down time
to redecorated walls with trippy lines. Painters tape is a crafter’s best friend!

No matter how you're spending this period of "Social Distancing" #RavingatHome is a great way to support your favorite artists as well as stay connected to the outside world. While we all are unsure how long we'll be doing this, one thing we know is that if you follow these tips, you'll be sure to upgrade your #RaveatHome game.

And who knows, soon enough, it may feel just as fun as the real thing (in its own way!)

rave girl at home

Pooja Shah is an LA-Based IT Consultant and the FestivalAddicts Website monkey.
When she’s not posting articles, getting sponsors, or headbanging to the latest Lost
Lands Compilation Album, you can follow her festival adventures on Instagram

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