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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Rave Clothing: 5 Trends We're Upgrading from 2019 Rave Blog

Rave Clothing: 5 Trends We're Upgrading from 2019

By: Poojah

Hi guys! Its Pooja from Festival Addicts! While 2020 Festival Season may have been delayed, there are definately some trends from last year that have left a lasting mark.

Here's our look at Rave trend's we're upgrading from 2019! 


1.) Flash Reflective to Flash Print 

reflective rave clothing

We all remember the Holy Ship Flash Jacket? Long gone are the days will you’ll ruin pictures with obnoxious white or grey flash reactive clothing. For 2020, many brands, including Freedom Rave Wear, have introduced flash reactive prints! This new trend makes for a more interesting and captivating photo. Flash print fabric is also much more appealing in person without the flash effect. While flash may seem cool for photos, a festival takes place in real life: there isn’t the same effect. Flash Prints help bring in design to flash reactive fashion. We’ll also see a huge uptake in flash reflective accessories, such as bandanas. Not only are they stylish, but they make a great night safety tool. 

2.) Checkered to MORE CHECKERED 


Checkered festival outfit

Checkered Print took 2019 by storm, making a great sporty look to accompany events taking place at raceways across the nation. Not only is checkered versatile, it is also blacklight reactive allowing content creators more creativity in their photoshoots, and festivals attendees to sport a more interesting look at events. The pattern is slimming, flattering on most skin colors, and easy to mix and match with blocks of solid color. Overall, in 2020, we’ll absolutely be seeing more checkered patterns for accessories such as sleeves and bandanas. Neon checkered or reflective checkered may also make an appearance this year. 

3.) Clack Fans from Toys to Branding Accessory


shut up and dance fan

“Clack is Whack!” A common theme for 2019 was the rise of large bamboo hand fans. Serving heavy practical function during the summer months or in the pit, hand fans became all the rage 2019, with one small unintended consequence: Fan Clacking. With some festivals going so far as the threaten to eject attendees for the noise, one trend we can get behind is the elimination of this loud obtrusive noise. What we’ve learned is not only are these fans great for their intended purpose: Fanning, they also make a stylish accessory that completes or captions any look. From witty captions, intricate trippy designs, or even just as a brand marketing tool, clack fans will continue to be all the rage 2020. 

4.) Dyed Hair to Wigs


rave girl in wig

Full Colored hair wings have become all the rage: long gone are the expectation for women to use “real” products to create a “natural” look. Dynamic and Interesting looks have become the norm and with that has become a huge upswing in pastel and neon wigs. Its no surprise that brighter and lighter colors have become popular in the rave community, especially amongst girls with naturally darker hair. Not only does this new trend save our hair from excessive chemical processing, it also looks cleaner: no more having to retouch up your roots. A full color wig is a great way to transform any look: and if you're working with a budget, look up a video on how to transform a costume or cheap wig!

5.) Bulk Purchases: Fashion Boxes, Accessory Boxes and Full Sets


Ravers love a good deal and love recreating inspired looks. 2020 will be all about heavily planning full looks for festivals: every detail from hair clips, to glitter, to face jewels matter. Women are looking to make easy single purchases to help them with the details. 2020 will begin the trend of rave-influencer curated boxes to help ravers not only easily recreate their favorite inspired looks, but also to save money buy purchasing the items in bulk. Freedom Rave Wear sells a quarterly $99 Festival Fashion Box with a full curated look and accessories! They also sell bulk purchases for tops, bottoms and arm sleeves to help ravers mix and match their existing pieces and create new looks. Ravers can also learn about new brands and products in the market without having to make their own direct purchase. 

Even though this year’s Festival Season in on delay, you can get started with by finding great deals on trending rave looks. Be sure to use promo code: FestivalAddicts for 10% off your purchase at Freedom Rave Wear or many of your other favorite rave stores.


dos equis festival

Pooja Shah is an LA-Based IT Consultant and the FestivalAddicts Website monkey. When she’s not posting articles, getting sponors, or headbanging to the latest Lost Lands Compilation Album, you can follow her festival adventures on Instagram @Pooja_Shahnanigans 


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