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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Comfort VS Style: The Best Shoes for a Rave Rave Blog

Comfort VS Style: The Best Shoes for a Rave

It's gotta be the shoes. Your shoes can be one of the most essential parts of a rave festival outfit but are often one of the most forgotten. However, no good cute rave outfit will be complete without something to protect those precious feet while you're dancing up a storm. Here we'll give you some tips for making the best shoe selection when grabbing your rave gear. 

Shoe Comfort 

Okay, let's get real. The most important part about any rave festival outfit is how comfortable it is. Your stylish and you're sexy, yeah, those are important. But what's the point of hiking on the booty shorts if your feet are too sore to get up and shake it?

Comfort is personal to every one of us. But there are some pretty easy decisions you can make when putting together your rave festival outfit for shoe comfort.

Sneakers, for example, are always going to get a big thumbs up. Whether sporty or canvas, they're designed for being active - perfect for raving. Plus, lots of sneakers come in bold colors, perfect for matching with your favorite cute rave outfit. 

Sandals can also work. The benefit of going with sandals is that they're great for if you're raving somewhere super scorching - and a lot of the best music festivals happen in the summer, after all. Big festival fashion warning, though. Try to stay away from flip-flops. They're great for the beach, but in a rave, you're probably going to just end up losing them and getting some squished toes.

If you're expecting rain or mud, or a chillier rave, sometimes your best option is to grab some boots. Combat, rain, platform… they’re all options! These let you stomp about in confidence, though they will obviously boil your feet if the weather is hot. Just make sure you don't stomp on anyone else's feet!

Secret Shoe Weapons

Woah woah woah, we're not done talking about comfort just quite yet. The best rave clothing leaves very little to the imagination. But you can still work in some secret little hacks to your outfit ideas that make your experience that much more exciting. 

Grabbing some insoles or silicone heel protectors to slip inside your sneakers will give you that much more "oomph" to power through the craziest raves with comfy feet. Even just making sure to wear comfy socks can help cover you from blisters. 

Oh - and if you're pairing your fishnets with your sexy rave wear, heed this warning. Socks go on before the fishnets. Or else, your little piggies will be trying to break free No matter what kind of shoes you decide to pick up, make sure you break them in first! Your shoes should be your best friends when it comes to your festival wear. 

Shoe Style

Okay, now for the style tips. Obviously, when it comes to your rave fashion, go with what you think rocks. The best advice we can give is to always keep your rave outfit and rave accessories in mind.

So, if you're grabbing something in bold pastels, you might want to look for equally bold sneakers to match. If you're letting your buns out with cheeky bottoms and outfits with plenty of straps, then some understated sandals might be the answer. And if you're going full 90s edginess (because sometimes you just have to), then now is the time to bust out those combat boots. 

If you want a great selection of festival clothing to get your imagination running, make sure to check out our new arrivals. And remember that Freedom has clothes for absolutely everyone! Our plus size rave outfit collection makes it easy to keep track of our incoming inclusive rave wear mega hits. 

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