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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Circular Rave Wear is LIVE!

Style Inspo Series- Galactic Gym Warrior Rave Blog

Style Inspo Series- Galactic Gym Warrior

festival gym outfit


Hey there, fitness enthusiasts and rave lovers! Are you tired of the same old gym wear? Well, we've got an exciting twist for you. Introducing the women's athletic shorts from Freedom Rave Wear, where style meets performance. In this style inspo look, we'll show you how to rock rave-inspired outfits as functional gym wear. The best part? All FRW products are made from recycled materials, so you can look great while being eco-conscious.


  1. Matte Black Lace-Up Top: This sports bra top is a perfect blend of style and support. The sleek black design with lace-up details adds a touch of edginess to your gym look. With its moisture-wicking fabric and comfortable fit, it's ready to tackle any workout routine.
  2. Nova Women's Athletic Shorts: These athletic shorts are a game-changer. Designed with freedom of movement in mind, they provide maximum comfort and flexibility. The vibrant colors and futuristic patterns of the Nova collection will make you stand out in the gym.
  3. Socks: Let your quirky side shine with these alien socks. The playful design adds a touch of fun to your gym attire while providing extra cushioning and support. Get ready to rock those squats with confidence!
  4. Baseball Hat: Protect yourself from the sun while looking out-of-this-world cool with the astronaut baseball hat. Its adjustable strap ensures a snug fit, and the Nova collection's unique print will make you feel like you're exploring the cosmos.
  5. Nova Hightop Shoes: Complete your gym fit with these Nova hightop shoes. Not only do they provide excellent ankle support and stability, but their stylish design and vibrant colors will make you the envy of the gym. Step up your workout game in style! 


Who says gym wear has to be boring? With the Nova collection from Freedom Rave Wear, you can bring the energy and vibrancy of raves into your fitness routine. From the black lace-up sports bra top to the Nova hightop shoes, each piece combines style and functionality to keep you looking and feeling great during your workouts. Plus, by choosing FRW, you're supporting sustainability as their products are made from recycled materials. So, get ready to unleash your inner rave warrior and make a bold statement in the gym. Let's rave our way to fitness!


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