Style Inspo Series- Luminous Kingdom

festival outfit


Welcome to the vibrant and untamed realm of the Electric Jungle! Prepare to be dazzled by a wild fusion of neon hues and fierce energy from Freedom Rave Wear's latest creation. Get ready to channel your inner wild child with this sensational style inspiration that's perfect for embracing the jungle's rhythm and letting your spirit run free. Let's dive into the details of this electrifying ensemble!


  1. Wild Child Lush Lace Top: Unleash your fierce side with this lace top adorned with exotic patterns. It's a perfect blend of elegance and untamed energy that'll make you stand out in the neon wilderness.

  2. Wild Child High Waisted Strappy Thong: Embrace comfort and style with these high-waisted thong bottoms. The strappy design adds an edgy flair while keeping you ready to dance through the jungle vibes.

  3. Wild Child Gloves: Get ready to take over the dance floor with these unique gloves. Their neon patterns and bold colors will make your hands an extension of the vibrant jungle around you.

  4. Chain of Love Choker: Add a touch of mystique with the Chain of Love choker. Its metallic charm complements the ensemble and gives you that extra bit of wild charm.

  5. Animal Ears: Complete your transformation into a true jungle dweller with a pair of playful animal ears. Whether you choose to become a fierce feline or a mischievous monkey, these ears will be the talk of the neon wilderness.


Get ready to be the embodiment of vibrant energy and untamed spirit with the Electric Jungle collection by Freedom Rave Wear. From the Wild Child Lush Lace top to the playful animal ears, every piece brings you closer to the heart of the jungle's rhythm. It's time to unleash your inner wild child, dance to the neon beats, and become a part of the Electric Jungle's enchanting allure.


Ears: Kritter Klips

Earrings: Britt's Blossoms

Shoes: Demonia

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