Style Inspo Series- Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer Venom Festival Outfit


Get ready to slither into the world of serpents with our snake-inspired style inspo look from Freedom Rave Wear's Venom collection! We're excited to share this edgy and eco-friendly outfit that will make you the queen of the dance floor. Each piece is not only stylish but also made from recycled materials, so you can rave with a sustainable spirit. Let's dive into the details of this fierce ensemble!


  1. Viper Sideboob Bodysuit: Our first piece is a daring side boob bodysuit that will show off your confidence and wild side. With its sleek design and snake-inspired patterns, this bodysuit will make you feel like a fierce serpent ready to slay the night.

  2. White Chain Choker: To add a touch of rebellion and attitude to the outfit, we've paired the bodysuit with a white chain choker. This accessory will add an edgy vibe while accentuating your neck, creating a bold statement that screams confidence.

  3. Leather and fishnet gloves: No snake-inspired look is complete without a hint of danger. That's why we've included leather and fishnet gloves in this ensemble. These gloves will not only protect your hands but also give a tantalizing glimpse of your wild side.

  4. Leg Garters: To elevate the outfit, we've added white leather leg garters. These accessories will wrap around your legs, adding a touch of sensuality and giving a nod to the slithering motion of snakes. They're the perfect complement to your fearless style.

  5. Wig: To complete the look, we've chosen a stunning white wig. This wig will transform you into a mystical creature, exuding a sense of mystery and power. Let your inner serpent shine through as you dance and embrace the energy of the night.


There you have it, a fierce snake-inspired style inspo look from Freedom Rave Wear's Venom collection. We hope this outfit inspires you to embrace your wild side while being mindful of our planet. Remember, each piece in the collection is made from recycled materials, so you can dance the night away with style and sustainability. Unleash your inner serpent, and let the rhythm of the music guide you on an unforgettable journey.


Accessories: Amazon

Shoes: Demonia

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