Style Inspo Series- Volcanic Vogue

lava festival outfit


Get ready to heat up the dance floor with our explosive new blog post! Introducing the scorching hot Volcanic collection from Freedom Rave Wear, designed to set your style on fire! Embrace the mesmerizing lava vibes and unleash your inner volcanic goddess with this sizzling look! Let's dive into this eruption of style and rock your next rave like never before!


  1. Volcanic Mesh It Out Bodysuit: Set your style ablaze with this stunning long sleeve mesh bodysuit! Its captivating design allows your confidence to shine through while keeping you effortlessly cool on the dance floor!

  2. Volcanic Wook Earrings: A special collaboration between FRW and Wook Earrings brings you these unique earrings, adding a touch of volcanic charm to your overall look! Let these fiery accessories channel the power of the elements!

  3. Santorini Leg Harness: Unleash your wild side with this mesmerizing leg harness, perfectly blending Santorini's elegance with volcanic fierceness! It's the ultimate statement piece for your adventure on the dance floor!

  4. Chain of Love Choker: Complete your volcanic ensemble with this chic black chain heart necklace, symbolizing the burning passion within! Let your heart lead the way on your radiant journey!

  5. Black Fishnets: Step up your game with these classic black fishnets! They not only add texture and depth to your style but also elevate your overall look with a hint of mystery!


Get ready to dance like molten lava with our Volcanic-inspired style! Embrace the fierce power of the elements with the Volcanic Mesh It Out Long Sleeve Mesh Bodysuit, captivating Volcanic Wook Earrings, mesmerizing Santorini Black and Gold Leg Harness, chic Black Chain Heart Necklace, and classic Black Fishnets! Let's ignite the night together, and remember, you're a force of nature on the dance floor! So, what are you waiting for? Heat up the scene with Freedom Rave Wear's Volcanic collection and be the lava-licious rave queen you were born to be!


Bucket Hat: Amazon

Shoes: Demonia

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