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Top 5 Trending YouTube Videos for Ravers Rave Blog

Top 5 Trending YouTube Videos for Ravers

Top 5 Trending YouTube Videos for Ravers

By: Adrianna Ramos

YouTube is an awesome place for ravers to get their daily dose of live sets from festivals, mixes from your favorite artists and fun tutorials on preparing for festivals. Here are the top five trending videos for you to check out!

1. Swedish House Mafia @ Ultra Music Festival 2018

Ultra Music Festival just celebrated its 20th anniversary this past weekend where legends in electronic dance music took the stage. Luckily for those who couldn’t attend, you could tune into the live stream to watch greatness unfold as Swedish House Mafia reunited for the first time in five years to give a spectacular performance that took us back to raving in 2013. While this is only a clip, this set brought instant happiness and nostalgia. Here’s to hoping a reunion tour is in the future.


2. How To: Star Glitter Roots + Hairstyle! | by tashaleelyn

I love spicing up any festival look with glitter and I absolutely love this tutorial! I find myself sometimes in a rut of doing the same hair and makeup looks so this video definitely can inspire a new look to add to your arsenal. This video was released two years ago but spikes up in popularity when festival season rolls around to help complete your festival look. Give it a try for your next festival!!


3. Shapes Tutorial

Learn some moves from the shuffle queen Elena Cruz to get in the groove at any festival. Her shapes tutorial just hit 1 million views as people are teaching themselves how to shuffle. Shuffling is seriously so much fun to do at shows and festivals, but does require a lot of practice. I found her tutorials to be super helpful and can find myself shuffling around any festival. Turn your living room into your own stage to practice and bust these moves out at your next fest.


4. Spinnin' Records Miami 2018 - Night Mix

If you were depressed like I was about not being in Miami for Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival, you can throw on this mix while you’re getting ready for a night out. This high energy mix will be the perfect pregame music to get you hyped. Festival season is upon us and this mix will have you dancing in your living room for sure.

5. Dillon Francis Hurts His Body With Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

I wanted to include a comedy video to give you a little pick me up. If you’ve never heard of Hot Ones it’s where an interviewer conducts interviews with all kinds of celebrities over eating hot wings. As the questions go on, the celebrity is met with a wing that is hotter than the next. It’s pretty entertaining learning more about your favorite DJ as they’re met with some serious heat packing in these wings. Dillon Francis’ attempt to conquer the hot wings garnered over a million views and will surely give you some chuckles.

Hope you enjoy these videos! What are some of your favorite videos? What live sets have you dancing? Leave us a comment and let us know! For more festival fun you can check out my personal blog and follow me @vibewithade on Instagram!

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