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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Circular Rave Wear is LIVE!

Electric Forest Outfit Inspiration Rave Blog

Electric Forest Outfit Inspiration

Just like any rave kween or king, we all need to have the latest and greatest in festival fashion. Us over here at Rave Hackers feel you on a spiritual level, so we’ve teamed up with Freedom Rave Wear to give you guys some of the hottest options in festival fashion for this years' festival season! So get that rave booty ready, organize all your glitters, perfect your pastie options! If you still haven't bought that ticket for this year, or you're still on the fence, head over here to get the ultimate Electric Forest breakdown! 

The new Juicy Collection over at Freedom Rave WearFor all the rave queens we’ve channeled our inner forest goddess, so without further adieu. This little ensemble is something I would personally kill to have in my outfit closet. This year the holographic craze has officially hit the scene and it’s taken off into outer space. With our girl @celeste__ looking “Juicy” as fuck head to toe in the new Juicy Collection how could anyone not be crazy in love?! If you’re looking to channel your inner forest fairy, the outfit for you. But alas, worry not my little forest nymph! If you’re looking for a little more coverage for that cutie booty, indulge yourself in some of those 2018 trends and snag yourself one of these sequin skirts! Just like we predicted, the sequin craze is here! Need to know about the other trends that have been forecasted this year?

Serpentine Queen Sequin Skirt from Freedom Rave WearThese skirts range in length and provide you with enough coverage that your little buns will stay toasty but your outfit will still let everyone know about the goddess you really are! Not only can you snag yourself one of these long skirts but you even have the choice to snag a shorter one so you can still give a little teaser to that cutie rave booty you’ve got safely tucked away! With either option giving you that mystical fairy queen vibe, you can’t go wrong! Pairing this outrageously adorable skirt with the outfit pictured above would make it the perfect transition outfit from day to night for any festival or rave. The fishnet craze is also very in right now and pairing an adorable pair of bottoms with a pair of nets is another great option if you're looking for a little something extra on the bottom but don't want to splurge on another outfit piece. **Pro tip: If you've never worn fishnets before we highly recommend that you wear your regular sock inside the fishnets to avoid a split getting in-between your toes and rubbing a blister!** 

@AllyAlv_ rocking the new Juicy Collection from Freedom Rave WearFeel like these options are adorable but nothing is speaking to you yet? Worry not! There are SO many more options! If you’re looking for something outside of that forest nymph vibe, maybe consider indulging in your inner rave queen with a pop of color!                                                                                                                                                                    Our girl @alyalv_ is rocking that new-new that just recently dropped. Again, sticking with that new holographic crazy that’s sweeping the rave world, jump into one of the teaser crop tops or snag yourself one of the extra mile bralettes. Depending on your level exposure' that you're looking for, either option will give you that mouth-watering feeling when you put them on! Our girl Ally wears a small in all the Freedom Rave Wear tops, including the Teaser and Extra Mile! Each come in various different colors and designs! The ultimate accessory for either of these tops is one of my personal favorite outfit staples, Bealien Sleeves! They’re perfect to keep you covered but not restricted! And when they’re THIS cute? How could I not have a pair in every pattern/color?


But Rave Momma, what if I don’t wanna wear pants?

Aphrodite Sequin Kimono from Freedom Rave WearFear not, the Nants craze is here and we’re all ready to play! When we’re rocking the “no pants” look, we used to opt for the traditional artist/EDM/cute t-shirt and by no means are we abandoning a personal favorite for us over at Rave Hackers. However, we have decided that instead of covering up all the deliciousness that we can be showing off in terms of undergarments, we want to have the best of both worlds and show it all off! How exactly are we going to do that? Well, Freedom Rave Wear rocked out worlds when we realized all the adorable kimonos they had! With so many great choices to choose from, you can’t go wrong! For the forest this year we’ve decided to go for that ethereal nymph look and with this The new Juicy Collection Teaser Crop top from Freedom Rave Wearkimono, we already know that we’re going to pair with it!                                                                                                                                              The teaser tops are a personal favorite as ours, if you couldn’t tell already! The new juicy line has all you need and then some! The teaser crops are the best options if you’re looking for a little something-something! Depending on how revealing you want to go, pairing some pasties or a little body jewelry is always a 10/10 great choice. There are so many different choices to go with when you're trying to decide what kind of gems you're going to pick so before you get overwhelmed with all the options throughout the rave world you'll see everyone wearing either body jewels or glitter. And with so many different options to choose from no one ever looks the same! Outside of just looking great clothing wise, make sure you're accessorizing like a champion this year. The new fads are those trendy little harnesses and body chains and we're riding the fad train until the glitter doesn't sparkle anymore.

Body chain from Dollskill.comThis year we've been obsessed with the options that you can get over at DollsKill. They've been putting out new pieces like the ones shown that is a perfect simple accessory for any rave or festival attendee! If you're a little rougher on your accessories, or you're just looking for something that's a little more noticeable than a body chain, harnesses are going to be your best friend! With so many different choices and so many brands creating beautiful one of a kind pieces, you can't go wrong. What will YOU be rocking at Electric Forest this year?                                                                               

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- Katie Carns

Okay so your new “teaser” tops are SO CUTE. I just wish you had some models with more mmm boobage. They all look to be small cup sized & I’m very hesitant to purchase it. Don’t want smashed boobies. Also I just noticed Rave on posting more plus sized models. All women have different body shapes & sizes. Your models are so gorgeous! But most women aren’t a size 4. All women should be celebrated for their individual beauty! I’d love to see you guys supporting womens bodies in multiple sizes too.

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