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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Winter is Coming! Ultimate guide to winter rave outfits ❄️ Rave Blog

Winter is Coming! Ultimate guide to winter rave outfits ❄️

By: Clare Nemec (@dinamo155)
Hello to all my festival friends <3  warning... WINTER IS COMING! but don't fear that doesn't mean we can't still be cute and not freeze our little rave booties off! Here are some of my go-to tips and tricks when the colder months come around so you can keep raging on fashionably all year round and stay warm and cozy as well <3 
To start, my favorite and most simple yet effective tip for you guys is to invest in a fur/fuzzy coat. It's my favorite statement piece to any winter rave outfit. They come in a variety of colors, mine even lights up so it will be sure to match your outfits. I promise you'll get more wear out of it then you think. A lot of the time fur can get pricey, so check out your local thrift stores for some good steals as well!! 

Rave girl in fur coat 

So sometimes I know a fur coat can be a little overbearing, and if you don't feel like paying for coat-check a little annoying as well. You’re in luck, I've found an alternative! Not only are pashminas fashionable and so in the rave scene, but they can also help to keep you all warm and snuggly in the cold outdoor shows! I've found my pash to be my best friend at festivals. you can drape it over yourself like a scarf, sit on it like a blanket or wear it as a scarf just to provide a little extra layer of warmth. It's super handy as well because you can fold them up and it can fit in your backpack!

Rave girl in pashmina

I cannot stress this to my little rave babies enough, please remember to layer up!! I have lost count of the number of times that I told myself a tee-shirt would be enough and left a complete icicle. Go in in that winter coat, or that onesie! A coat check or a locker is your biggest friend in the winter months. Coat check is usually fairly cheap and you and your gals can all pitch in for a locker <3 trust me you'll thank yourself for planning, I know I did.


Rave girls in fur coat

A great tip is pants!! Most of us think raves and think booty shorts and spandex etc. Up until this year, I never would've considered pants. But with all the cute designs and reflective sets coming out, if you don't wanna check your clothes... wear them all night instead!! Go check them out on Freedom Rave Wear's site!!

iridescent bell bottom pantsPink joggers  

To conclude, here's a little storytime for all of you <3 I went to a music festival this past October, and got shown such an act of PLUR I will remember it forever. I was cold, almost shivering, and a kind stranger came up to me and handed me two packs of hand warmers. shout out to this amazing girl I met, not only was it the savior of my night but it gave me a great idea for future festivals on my own! Double-check beforehand on your festivals prohibited list but if not these are a great small item to throw into a fanny pack or hydration pack! they go a long way and are super affordable! 

I hope some of these tips can come in handy loves. Though some of them seem super easy and just common sense, a little reminder always helps me get some inspiration when I'm stuck <3 so remember, spend this winter festival season raging hard, dancing those booties off, warm AND in style. 



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