3 Booty Workouts for Festival Season

By Loana McCabe-Gould

Instagram: @celeste___

It’s officially festival season, which means…sun’s out buns out! The best thing about music festivals is that you can show off as much or as little rave booty as you feel comfortable. Wanting to bring your booty A-game on this festival season? Here are 3 different booty workouts from YouTube that you can follow along depending on what you need!

Instagram: @hoopkitty

Before you start, make sure you have plenty of water with you so you can hydrate. Don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout and do a warm-up! (I usually spend 10 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical before I start my main workout)

Instagram: @ladybho

10-minute home workout without equipment

By Pamela RF

This workout is for you if you don’t have a gym membership and you’re looking for a quick workout on a busy day!

What you need: yoga mat


Kettlebell home workout

By The Live Fit Girl

Kettlebell workouts are my favorite! It’s not extremely challenging but does add some substance to your workouts. If you have any kettlebells at home, this definitely could be done at home but most gyms also have kettlebells if you’re looking to do this at the gym. What you need: Kettlebells


Gym booty workout with equipment (Challenging)

By Whitney Simmons

If you’re used to lifting weights and are looking for a challenge, this workout is for you! If you are not as experienced with gym equipment, PLEASE start out either by using no weights or lighter weights and build up slowly. It’s important to have good form and start slow than push yourself and get injured. This video explains the correct form needed for each workout so it’s extremely easy to follow!



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