5 'I’m a mermaid' looks for Beyond Wonderland: The Endless Sea

We realize some of you may be traveling to that other festival on the other side of the country also happening the weekend of March 24, but we’ll be keeping it local while channeling our inner mermaids (and men!) at Beyond Wonderland: The Endless Sea. Are you as stoked as we are about taking this thing under the water? Check out the official trailer below if you need some convincing.

We don’t need an excuse to be a mermaid for a day, but we sure we’ll take it! That’s why we’ve got 5 looks ready to go that we know Ariel herself would damn sure be jealous of.

1) Oil Slick Mermaid Rave Crop Top Tank + Sea Foam Mermaid Rave Cutout Bottoms
The end of march is basically the start of summer, right? Snag this pairing that’s rave ready and will last through all the summertime day parties you can get your hands on.


 2) Chameleon Rave Bodysuit + Oil Slick Mermaid Face Mask

You don’t need scales absolutely everywhere with a bodysuit that makes you look like you’re made of abalone. Bonus: The bodysuit just happens to be on sale!

 3) Boho Kaleidoscope Rave Bodysuit + Unicorn Tears Rave Bandana

Whimsy and playful, this duo shows your colorful side while using texture to play into the endless sea vibe.

 4) Turquoise Scales Assassin Rave Hood + Siren Rave Crop Top Tank + Siren Booty Short Rave Bottoms

You’ll be the sexiest scaley creature that’s ever crawled out from the sea with this look where possibly, ok definitely, two of the best colors ever take over from head to toe.

 5) Neva Nude Ariel Green & Black Sequin Heart U Pasties +  Lunautics Mermaid Tears Moon Dust Chunky Festival Glitter Makeup + Quantum Rave Leggings

    What says “mermaid” more than shiny glitter everywhere? Try this tutorial to get that perfect mermaid tears look. Not to mention, those slick leggings are extra-comfy and designed to last through hours of dancing then go straight from rave to yoga studio. Well maybe not straight (recovery, people!), but you get the idea.

      Will we see you at NOS Center for Beyond Wonderland: The Endless Sea? Grab your tickets and let’s rage!

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