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5 Tips to Avoid Festival Wardrobe Malfunctions Rave Blog

5 Tips to Avoid Festival Wardrobe Malfunctions

5 Tips to Avoid Festival Wardrobe Malfunctions

By: Ade Ramos 

Imagine getting down to your favorite DJ and all of the sudden everyone’s looking at you funny as your festival outfit you spent hours searching for is falling apart right before everyone’s eyes. Mortifying right? That is probably my biggest nightmare is having a festival outfit wardrobe malfunction mid-festival. It nearly happened to me at Beyond Wonderland this year when one of my bottoms came untied as I was going to the bathroom. It could happen; however, here are some wardrobe malfunction tips to ensure your worst nightmare doesn’t come true and you can slay any festival outfit this festival season.

 1. Try on everything before-hand

Before any festival, you should always try everything on before-hand. Dance around your bedroom while you’re trying it on to make sure you can groove in it all night. This will help you see if you need to get anything altered or use things like fashion tape or safety pins. Trying everything on before-hand can help you avoid any malfunctions from occurring after you are already in the festival gates


2. Use fashion tape

Fashion tape is double-sided adhesive tape that can be used to help secure any festival outfit. If you’re uncomfortable with some side boob or cleavage showing, this is super helpful in securing it down. You can secure yourself into your top or bodysuit using fashion tape giving you the extra boost of security for your outfit.


3. Use pasties

Pasties are such a cute and easy way to keep your chest area from having a slip-up. There are so many different shapes and sizes that can add to any outfit while concealing part of your chest area. You can check out some here if you are considering purchasing some for your next festival outfit.


4. Bring safety pins

So you try on your outfit, everything seems secure. You buy some pasties and are ready for the festival. If you felt insecure or unsure throughout this process, bring some safety pins just in case anything feels loose, or something breaks while you are at the festival. If you are unable to bring safety pins due to security, find out if the festival has a general merch tent where you can purchase items like safety pins to help repair your outfit.

5. Should you have a major one, go to merch or a vendor to get a new outfit

Say you do everything listed above and still something goes terribly wrong. Luckily most festivals have merch and/or vendor tents where you can practically purchase a new outfit. Not ideal; however, if worst comes to worst you can throw on a big t-shirt and go about the rest of your time at the festival. I had a friend at EDC last year wear a metal chain top that broke towards the beginning and so she went to a vendor and purchased a new top. I’ve bought t-shirts before and thrown over my outfit if I felt uncomfortable in it as the night went on. This can be a last resort option.

Have you had a major wardrobe malfunction? What are some of your tips we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below. Check out my blog Vibe With Ade for more festival fashion-related tips for festival season. You can also follow my Instagram @vibewithade to follow my festival adventures.

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