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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Back to Back Festival Weekends Rave Blog

Back to Back Festival Weekends

Written By: Ally Clark


I attended two music festivals back to back weekends, Project Glow in Washington DC and Forbidden Kingdom in Orlando, Florida!  I was excited to be attending both of these festivals because their lineups are very different from each other. At Project Glow I got my house music fix with VNSSA, Diplo and Sonny Fodera while at Forbidden Kingdom I got a dose of dubstep with Excision, Midnight T and Svdden Death. 

Planning two festivals back to back weekends can definitely be stressful and present challenges but I think that it’s completely doable. If you treat your body and mind right the week in between the festivals and confirm with your group(s) the plans leading up to the weeks prior so that you know everything is in order you should have nothing to worry about! 

Planning what to wear for an entire music festival weekend can definitely seem intimidating, let alone planning for two! But coordinating your outfits ahead of time gives you the flexibility to get your shopping needs in order and make any last-minute alterations. I personally recommend setting up mood boards as soon as possible. Once I purchase a ticket to a festival, I begin making mood boards far in advance, to pick out outfits and try to get the vibe I want. That’s always a ritual that I find myself doing. I usually base my outfits around the theme and the color scheme of the festival. Project Glow for example has a bright, bubbly, disco theme with a blue and purple color scheme. I think a great outfit for this festival would be the Freedom Rave Wear retro bloom set or the bling bling temptation cheeky one piece with a purple mesh top layered over. The festival was cold at night so I packed a pair of joggers in my hydration pack for the evenings! For Forbidden Kingdom, the theme is dark and dangerous with a color scheme of black and red. The Freedom Rave Wear toxic bodysuit with a harness and black fishnet tights would be the perfect outfit to rock for this event.

This might be a little tricky to avoid but when it comes to prepping your festival outfits, but it’s best to stick with what you know. Social media is congested with an endless amount of micro-trends, so there can sometimes be this pressure to incorporate what you see on your feed into your wardrobe. Go with what you feel comfortable wearing and don’t let trends or other people influence your personal choices. Be uniquely yourself and showcase your style!

For both festivals I planned my travels and accommodations two months in advance. For Project Glow I drove down to Washington DC and stayed with someone I know in the city. For Forbidden Kingdom, I flew roundtrip and stayed with a group of friends in an airbnb right by the venue. Because I drove myself and stayed with a friend the first festival weekend I saved enough money to buy flights and rent an airbnb the second weekend. I think it’s important that you pick one festival to be more financially reserved for when planning. Saving money on transportation and a place to stay one of the weekends will definitely benefit your bank account!

The weekend in between festivals I rested a lot, worked from home, drank plenty of water and ate as healthy as possible. Taking care of your health throughout the festivities is most important, second to recovery. With festivals, you get so excited to be there and do so many different activities during the day. So often you can forget to take care of yourself through it all. It’s so important to sit down, drink water, and make sure you’re eating (don’t skip meals!). You will be dancing all day and all night and it can be a lot on your body, especially for people who just started raving again after the pandemic. Remember to be kind to yourself and rest when you need it. Rave safe, have fun and I hope to see you on the dance floor soon! 

Forbidden Kingdom!         
  Project Glow!
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