Hey, what's up Freedom Rave Wear lovers! Owners of PLUR fit here! Our names are Joey and Silvia.
Do you enjoy working out just as much as raving out? We do! We LOVE our gym sessions before a festival! Whenever we are getting tired or want to quit, we remember our dope ass outfits and how we WANT to look in them, SO we keep pushing! We want to spread our love and knowledge with you. We create workout programs, which include your very own workout plan, meal plan, and 24/7 assistance. The options for these programs are six or eight weeks. We also host two-month challenges. We are hoping to get 10 people for our upcoming challenges, which start on the first of every month.
We have created a family on Instagram and both of the September and October challengers are in a group chat there. (We will soon be switching to the app "GroupMe" because it fits a larger number of people) We know that sometimes we get lazy, miss a day or two, and are not motivated. In our group, we push each other, stay accountable and watch transformations happen. Everyone checks in with everyone! You may think it's just you and the coaches (Joey and Silvia), but EVERYONE from previous challenges is able and willing to answer questions, explain anything about exercises, nutrition, and BEING A TODAY PERSON. So if you're interested in getting your own workout program, let us know. If you're interested in joining one of our challenges, let us know. If you're solely interested in the meal plan, let us know.
Follow us BOTH on Instagram @joey_angel and @soccer_silvia. Thank you so much! See you at your next RAVE #PLURfit
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- Kyra McCue

How do I join? :-)

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