Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Holiday Gift Guide Rave Blog

Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for loved ones during the holidays can be a headache. Let FRW help you! We have broken down some categories from budget conscious to bawlin’ out just for you! Here are a few ideas to help you cross off your holiday shopping list.

Stocking Stuffers

    (This can be good for white elephant gifts or secret Santa as well!)

    These are some of the cute accessories we have to offer. Just a little something to show your friends and family that you care!


    A great gift for the whole year! Glitter is a great gift to give because it is tiny but mighty. It can take a basic makeup look and turn it fabulous. New Year’s is coming up and glitter is the hot topic

    We have all sorts of colors and textures to choose from. If you want to go the extra step and get the elf glitter glue to go along with that so the person you are getting it for is all set for a glitzy NYE. Elf can also be found in the glitter section on the website.

    Face Gems

    Face gems are an attention-grabbing staple for any rave girl or guy. Good news is we have them in tons of colors and shapes! Some are for your face and some can go on other parts of your body you want to add pizzazz to. A great tip you can give your friends when you gift it to them is to use liquid bandage to keep them on all night long! *Disclaimer- it does sting at first, but not to worry, this stuff is meant to go on your skin* It will stick just fine without it, that is just insurance in case you like to go hard.


    Sunglasses are always a good gift idea. I would know, I lose glasses like it’s my job. LOL. We have an array of different types from flowers, to cat eye. Some even have chains! Every raver needs that signature pair of cute shades for day events. Give your friends the gift of eye protection this holiday season!

    Temporary Tattoos

      All the fun of tattoos, without the commitment! Some designs include feather, mandalas, and fun like sayings. This is a great accessory for laying out by the pool or adding to your super cute fit is a subtle way. Once applied, you can put a little hairspray over it to ensure it stays on all day and all night! But make sure the hairspray drys before getting too crunk or you will have one messy temporary tattoo, and nobody wants that.

        Boom Boom

        This is a cool idea for anyone during the winter season. Whether you are hitting the slopes or dancing in the desert boom boom is here to keep at your best. It is an inhalant for your nose full of the best essential oils have to offer. Boom Boom comes on a cool lanyard you can wear around your neck so you don’t have to worry about losing when you are raging or shredding the gnar! 

          Best Deals

          (Also good for secret Santa and white elephant) 


          These are great for all occasions. A great sparkly staple piece to take your fit to the next level. Anyone would love this piece in their closet. We have all different types of sequins ranging from small to large and in colors of all kinds. This is a must-have festival item. Rock the kimono over top a festival outfit or poolside sippin’ on your favorite drank.

          SHOP KIMONOS


   are a good idea for anyone in the family! Who doesn’t need a fleece blanket? There are designs from the Holidaze collection and one form the FRW Fam collection. Rock your holiday or FRW spirit and stay cozy while doing it. A must-have for camping festivals to stay warm during the night time.

            SHOP BLANKETS

            New Bodysuit

   Princess Mesh It Out Bodysuit- This bodysuit is great for festivals but also streetwear. You can throw a pair of jeans or a skirt over it for a colorful and flirty look. They will not be restocked, so this is the perfect time to get it for a homegirl or girlfriend and make them feel real special they have o  one of only a few made!  SHOP NOW!




              FRW now has Vibedration & The Fanny Shack fannys for purchase! A cute accessory to keep your stuff safe anywhere you go. In the FRW Fam collection, there are full size and mini backpacks to choose from as well! Your loved one would be pumped to unwrap one of those and a plus for you, you get homie points for getting a cool ass gift.

              SHOP PACKS


              (For someone special, or treat yo'self)
              Black To Bae•sics- This is for the girl who loves her steampunk look! (if you don’t know what that means, think all black mad max look). This collection has all the mesh and net a girl could ever need. I would suggest getting her a Full-Body Mesh Bodysuit or Body Plunge Harness Set. Them build from there. If she is risky I would suggest pasties for the top and Noche high waisted Brazilians for the bottoms. If she likes to be a little more covered on top, I would opt for the matching Noche extra mile bralette. To do a full send, get her the shadow baelien sleeves to top it off. You won’t be sorry;)

                SHOP BLACK TO BAE-SICS



                Goddess- The Goddess collection is for the glitter girly girl who loves her pinks and purples. The collection is entirely pastel colors and is fantastically sparkly. It is perfect for all raves or beach days, but especially for those summer and spring events. I would suggest going with the Oh My Bod bodysuit, either color(Persephone or Athena) and pairing it with the Athena super mini skirt. If you wanna go the extra mile, get her the baelien sleeves from this collection as well. For this collection, I think it works best to have two items of the same color and one of the other. But it also works great to be totally matching! Just depends on your preference. SHOP GODDESS




                  Holo Crushin’- Three holo colors that are sure to turn heads. This is for the galactic alien lover. This simple yet exotic fabric is amazing in all colors. It comes in moonlight(silver), berry(pink) and ocean(blue). Get your girl the Moonlight booty shorts with the Ocean solstice top! Don’t be afraid to mix and match this collection! But if she is the type of girl that needs to have everything matching, then you can do just that as well! For those overachievers out there, get your girl the Warrier Princess Belt or Icing Bra to go overtop! You will get some serious points for knowing what a body chain is;) SHOP HOLO
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