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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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OMFG IT'S NYE! Rave Blog


Want to spend your NYE in sunny San Diego this year? OMFG has you covered! Enjoy three days of banging beats at the Vally View Casino. It starts December 29 and rages on until 2019! This particular event starts at 9 pm and goes until 4 am! This means you have time to sleep in and still make it to the venue when the gates open. You can look forward to artists Lokii, Bonnie & Clyde and Luca Lush! Including headliners Illinium, Kaskade and Poter Robinson. That’s right, you get it all! Laying the feelz on extra heavy this NYE.

Unlike other festivals on New Years, it is entirely inside! This is great because you can wear your cutest fit without worrying about having to wear a jacket and covering it up. The venue is on the smaller side, so the tickets do generally sell out quickly. This year, in fact, that has already happened. However, websites like craigslist are always an option for buying tickets from people who can no longer attend.

*Disclaimer, be careful when purchasing tickets on craigslist. Don’t go alone to pick up the ticket and get some evidence before forking over the cash*

Being that it is a small venue means that it is also very easy to meet up with friends!

Another plus to this event is that it is only one stage! That means you never have to worry about missing a set. Assuming you get to the event on time, there is an opportunity to see all 18 acts! Talk about getting your money's worth ;). One big selling point for me is definitely the bathrooms. I know that sounds gross. But we have all been to festivals where the only bathroom option is a porta potty and those inevitably get disgusting within hours of the gates opening. At OMFG all bathrooms are REAL bathrooms! YES, like running water, flush-ability, and sinks. It’s revolutionary, right?

Feel like getting in the mood for the event? You can go onto their website, or click below and listen to their playlist entirely composed of the artists that will be performing throughout the fest! Pretty cool huh? I know what one the hardest things about getting ready is picking a playlist or searching songs on various music streaming sites to get pumped for the night ahead. Now you can get ready in style without the hassle of picking the music to play.

Click here to listen

Alright, real talk for a minute. This venue is very strict about what is allowed in. One big thing to be mindful of is that they ONLY allow clear bags into the event. That means no glittery fanny packs or hydration packs. Unless your bag is entirely see-through, it’s not happening. This rule was put in place for you guys! So the security checks go faster and you can get into the venue as soon as possible to rage! They also have restrictions on the size. The largest you can have is 12”x6”x12”. Also, in lieu of recent events that have taken place at festivals, they have recently implemented a metal detection screening. Security asks that you get to the event one hour before the music starts so that they can get everyone in safely before DJs hit the stage. Ladies, I am sorry to say, no makeup is allowed in either. That means you gotta get that really good setting spray to make sure your gorgeous makeup stays on all night. To all my flow artists, unfortunately, there are also rules against all glow toys. One thing on the list that surprises me, but makes sense, is studs. No studs of any kind on outfit or accessories are allowed in either. But good news! You can bring in totems, just not those exceeding 11”x17” or attached to a stick. I know this seems like a lot, but these rules have been put in place for your safety. It is all about the music and good vibes anyway right? RIGHT!

Sooooo if you don’t have New Year’s Eve plans yet and you want to be in San Diego, OMFG is the best bet for you! You don’t have to dress in layers, there are actual bathrooms, there is a hype playlist and only one stage! Sign me up! Get your rave fam together and dance the night away at OMFG!


By: Ricky Barnett

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