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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Kandi Making: No E's? No Problem Rave Blog

Kandi Making: No E's? No Problem

By: Maria Alvarez (@chubbiwubbi)

If you’re a Kandi kid, I know you’ve experienced the frustration of wanting to make singles and not having any E’s. So, we improvise and do what we can and recently, I decided to dive into the world of words to put on singles that don’t use the letter E. 


Kandi making


First, let’s talk about inventory. So you obviously don’t have any E’s. That’s cool. You can always check out The Crafts Outlet for your specific beads needs! 

When I make Kandi, I make them with a LOT of intention! I think of who will be receiving them and of how I’d feel to get one of my pieces. My favorite form of words for Kandi is affirmations. I often wear some of the Kandi I receive in my day to day life, especially ones that are gentle reminders to shift my perspective to a brighter place. 


Kandi ideas


1) A green and pink Kandi bracelet that says “Think About It”. You never know what someone’s going through. These words inevitably will make someone connect to something they are giving thought to. It may open up someone's eyes to a new perspective!

2) An all word Kandi that says “Grow Through What You Go Through” Those are some good words right there, you guys! I add a single bead in between each word and it ends up being the perfect size for your wrist!

3) A green and yellow piece that says “Trust Your Gut”. Our intuition is very intelligent, and it lives in our GUT. So... trust your gut! Follow your intuition! Trust Yourself! (all also good Kandi ideas that don’t use the letter E.)

4) “Don’t Panic” sometimes we need to be brought back from an edge of panic. Sometimes, a bracelet from a stranger can do that. 

5) I Am Kind. In case you needed to remember that you are not a shitty person who hurts people. You are kindness! Embodied!


Kandi braclettes


6) You R Magic. Good thing ‘are’ is phonetically just a letter. Phew. So, yeah. You ARE magic. Don’t forget it, kid.

7) Ur On Ur Path. Sometimes we get a little stumbled around and we feel like we don’t know where we’re going. Well, here’s a familiar quote for you. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” So, it doesn’t matter if you know or don’t know... you’re still on your path.

8) Survivor. That’s you. You’ve survived enough to LIVE your life and you are capable of enduring difficult shit. Keep going! 

9) PLUR. AS. FUCK. Peace Love Unity Respect calls for a lot of E’s we just don’t have. 

Keep it simple, keep it plur. 

10) Add a bead in between each letter to give the Kandi a little volume!


Kandi DJ


11) Letters we have a lot of can come in handy! XOXO is a cute way to send some extra love with your trade and to use up some X’s.

12) Another loving reminder of the magic around us! Magical is one of my favorite words to put on a single! 

13) Daddy. This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

14) Do What You Want. A good reminder for those who struggle with following their light and find themselves distracted by others’ opinions on what they should be doing.

15) Holy Shit. This is my personal favorite thing to say during a sick drop. Just... bass face on high... holy shit!

16) Karma. This is a great note-to-self that what goes around comes around and to generate kindness in the world. 

17) Killa Killa, Zeds Dead. Minus the 2 necessary E’s to make a Zeds Dead tribute.

18) XXXCISION. Triple X rated. Connect with your fellow headbanger and pay homage to a favorite producer in one go!

19) Compassion. I love this word and how it shows up in our lives. Compassion is the kindest trait a human can have, in my opinion. Remind a raver to carry some with them.

20) Bliss. I received a Kandi at Paradiso that said bliss, moments before sharing with the giver that I was in a total state of bliss. I make one of these every time I make Kandi. Share some bliss yourself! 

There are so many options when it comes to creating a Kandi to trade. Make it fun. Make it YOU. Put love into it! It's a gift that keeps on giving. 

Thanks for reading and happy creating, friends! 

Maria <3 

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