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Ubbi Dubbi Rave Blog

Ubbi Dubbi

By: Dionne Pardo (@dionnerenae)


girl group at festival


**Update from Ubbi Dubbi**
"We are sad to announce that by order of the local authorities, we are unable to produce the festival on Saturday, April 18 & Sunday, April 19 at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. We looked at multiple options to produce a safe event during the Summer, but thought it was best to concentrate on providing a supersized event in the Fall."

Hey everyone Dionne here, I hope y'all are excited because festival season is officially underway. I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready to throw out the textbooks and get back to late nights, good vibes, glitter, and most importantly great music! I hope you got your squad, booked the Airbnb, and got your favorite outfits on standby because Ubbi Dubbi is officially 43 days away! And I’m here to help y’all get geared up with some tips, go over some important news, and a little gossip/conspiracy theories I have heard floating around the community in regards to surprise guests!   

texas weather meme


I quickly wanted to give a few tips for those of you guys that are not Texas natives, the weather is EXTREMELY unpredictable in Texas especially in April it can be hot/cold in the morning then do a complete 180 within a span of a few hours so please be wary of that and pack accordingly. I strongly suggest at least packing a  pashmina or light sweater, and playing it by ear the day of and decide if you need it or not. In addition, the RAIN even if you were not in attendance last year we all heard the horror stories so I encourage you to bring water-friendly shoes and Wetones. Lastly, in regards to the weather, it could get VERY hot and humid here the Texas sun is no joke so sunscreen and hydration are key. Consider carrying  Liquid IV, one stick is the equivalent of 3 water bottles, or consider carrying Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder to help you stay extra hydrated.   

Getting into some festival news, Payment plans were completed on February 28th so double-check your emails for your order number. Missed a payment? Fear not friends Ubbi Dubbi is allowing you to catch up. To make these arrangements call See Tickets at 323-908-0607. I heard some very exciting news via Instagram that Disco Donnie is so overjoyed by the growth of the festival that he has decided to up the production value of the festival whether that means cooler bigger stages(a 4th stage has been confirmed), more art, or effects are still unknown. However he did tweet the photo above and there is a body of water running through the globe life park so I believe we could get some sort of fire, art, or cool structure in it.   

Disco Donnie Tweet

Lastly, I wanted to talk about some fun conspiracy theories I have heard circulating through the community. If you have seen the Ubbi Dubbi trailer you know it talks about a villain who “intends to wreak havoc” on the festival and finishes with “find out at the festival what happens next.” And boy people are having fun with this teaser. I have heard theories that Disco Donnie could be hinting at a surprise guest that is going to play the role of the villain  “wreaking havoc” by performing a nasty set! We also received more clues when the Ubbi Dubbi family was revealed. This character is Zubbi and prof-buzz killington. I thought this meant it had to be a duo but being that the details of him have not been released it makes me think that it could be two individual DJ's who will perform a back to back set or a special set together. .At first, I thought this was just an introduction of characters and the internet was just running wild however if you go on the Ubbi Dubbi website the character has traits and a song listed. The word havoc implies the set would be something wild and crazy so most people are leaning towards the more bass side of music. But the song listed on the character's profile is “The Lion in my Head '' by Kyle Watson, which is a house song so opens up the realm of possibilities even more. Given that they are waiting to build up the second character I think this means that the song is that actual person’s favorite song and not a song by them. Another theory to this character is that Disco Donnie is poking fun at the police because as we all heard he was arrested after freaky deaky for disturbing the peace lol. Whether this is an exciting special set or just a funny joke, we can’t wait to see. I would love to hear your thoughts on this theory if you’d like to chat about it feel free to dm and follow me on Instagram. 

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