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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Livestream Platforms Ranked Rave Blog

Livestream Platforms Ranked

Hi guys, Its Pooja from Festival Addicts! If you’ve been at home and you’re a raver, chances are you’ve been indulging in the tons of artists playing live! Whether you’re a viewer, a DJ, or a different type of content creator, here’s a handy guide to the most popular livestream platforms.


Top Tier:


Twitch halcyon




Twitch (owned by Amazon) is undeniably the king of livestreaming platforms (but with good reason!) Twitch’s main viewership is focused on incredibly popular games like Fortnite, but has also migrated recently as a huge platform for artists to stream music live. Twitch accounts for nearly 75% of all stream viewership, so it is riding on top of all major platforms.


Twitch has a lot of built-in features that help streamers out as well. There are special extensions and widgets that integrate with certain games, to make the experience better for viewers. You can also make your content easily searchable and subscribe Twitch is easily accessible on all major streaming devices from Amazon Fire to all major gaming platforms to a mobile app.


Twitch also has a premium partner program for creators looking to monetize. Once invited, streamers can accept donations in exchange for content pop-ups, as well as make money from ad revenue.


nashhhhhhh youtube




While YouTube is mostly known for regular videos, they also have livestreaming function. Twitch has a ton of streaming tools already integrated; YouTube is a little simpler for creators. If you’re just getting started, and Twitch seems overwhelming, then YouTube may be a good place to get started.


YouTube’s livestreaming feature is not front-and-center on the platform. While plenty of people are constantly streaming, most people don’t go to YouTube for streams. However, if someone is subscribed to your channel already, they will see active livestreams at the top of their subscriptions list. If you feel as though your content might be more active or gain more views in a rewatch, then Youtube might be the right place for you. Youtube is owned by Google, making your video more searchable on the internet for someone looking.


Being successful on YouTube Live may require being active on YouTube in general, with periodic videos. This will help you gain subscribers who will be notified when you go live. A popular technique utilized by Youtubers is to encourage viewers to like and subscribe to their channel at the end of their videos. Remember, You have to wait for 24 hours before getting approved to stream, so be prepared ahead of time before your first one!




Mid Tier:


facebook live video chat


Facebook Live


Facebook Live is the tool that most of us have used and that has democratized live streaming, making it accessible and popular. Facebook Live makes live streaming easy. It has a super simple platform that is easy to use whether you are on mobile or desktop.

It is one of the most integrated with platforms you will find. If you are using live streaming enabled devices or live broadcasting software, they almost certainly integrate with Facebook Live.


If you are a fan of using zoom for recording or filming, it can also stream directly to Facebook. Facebook is investing in live. If you struggle with the organic reach of your Facebook Page, using Facebook Live will help, You can also pay to play the game here a bit if you’re looking for paid growth. Your followers will automatically get a notification when you go live, and its easy for them to interact via comments, and watch parties.


The biggest downsize to Facebook Live is the back of integration with hardware platforms. Watching on a mobile device does not lead to a great viewing/multitasking experience, and currently viewers are fairly limited in terms of TV device viewing options. 



Bottom Tier:



Periscope has been among the most used streaming platforms in past years. The platform suffers from the lack of traction Twitter is having in general, with Facebook being the more successful alternative users prefer. Having said that, if Twitter is an important component of your social media strategy, then Periscope helps to get more eyeballs on your tweets.


As Twitter is navigating more towards a Facebook style, algorithmic display of updates that is not time bound but displays highlights for longer periods of time, you have an opportunity to display your stream recording for longer. Periscope integrates deeply into Twitter, so

if you have a huge specialized following there, this might be your best option.


Periscope lacks advanced features such as monetization, ads, closed captions and the like. It is a basic live streaming platform. Truth is, Twitter is not built to offer a great live streaming experience. It doesn’t feel part of it and engagement may suffer.


Instagram Live:

We don’t need to break this one down as hard. With no laptop, ipad or tv reviewing functionality, I’d give Instagram live the lowest rating of all IG streaming platforms. While the pop-up notification is nice to alter your followers, you’re better off encouraging them to migrate platforms to watch your content. IG Live Videos are also only posted for 24 hours, not searchable, and not retained. Whether you’re an influencer or a watching, IG live ranks bottom tier.

Perhaps the only upside to Instagram Live is the interactive portion. If you’re a business running a flash sale, this might actually be a great option for you. But if you’re just looking for live-streaming music, IG Live is a absolute pass.


rave girl green shirt


Pooja Shah is an LA-Based IT Consultant and the FestivalAddicts Website monkey. When she’s not posting articles, getting sponors, or headbanging to the latest Lost Lands Compilation Album, you can follow her festival adventures on Instagram @Pooja_Shahnanigans 

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