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“Moon day” on the worst day Rave Blog

“Moon day” on the worst day

By: Dionne Pardo (@dionnerenae)

Rave girl in pink

Rave weekend is finally here you got your squad, tickets, Airbnb, and most importantly planned your outfits then all of a sudden that time of the month has also arrived, that's right were talking about attending a festival on your period. Whether expected or unexpected suddenly the added stress of your monthly visitor at this point is less than ideal, especially if wearing a cheeky bottom or a thong was on the itinerary for the weekend. If you're anything like me suddenly you’ve planned your outfits weeks or maybe even months in advance and your monthly visitor was not a part of the plan. First, off I'm here to tell you it’s going to be okay, every rave girl has been there and after attending the last 3 festivals in a row with my lovely monthly visitor in tow I have picked up a few tricks and hacks that will make attending a festival on your period a breeze.


Rave booty Freedom rave wear


Pro tips:

  1.  The night before: consider taking an iron supplement this can help reduce menstruation complications by preventing the feelings of lightheadedness and fatigue. If Ibuprofen soothes your cramps take it right before walking into the festival this way it will last you all the way through or if not the majority of the time, as well as prevent or get cramps under control.
  2. Wet ones are your best friend!: I can’t tell you how many times I have been in the dreaded festival porta-potty only to realize after that the toilet paper has run out. Running out of toilet paper plus your period a nightmare! Also, anything you can do to make yourself feel cleaner down there, especially at a festival will make you feel a million times more comfortable. And there is also nice to have on standby just in case the dreaded staining or leaking happens.
  3. Super tampons: Consider using suppers ladies they don't call them supper for nothing, they will cut down on trips to the bathroom and are less likely to “leak” another tip if you’re sporting a cheeky or thong bottom as most of us ladies often do then after inserting cut some of the string to a shorter length so you can be sure it stays out of sight! Also, try a sports brand such a Playtex sport, festivals are very active and they will move more comfortably with you and offer you full 360-degree coverage as your shuffling your little heart out! Also, consider using a thong pantie liner for added coverage and incase or small “leaks.”
  4. Pack an extra pair of bottoms: While this “hack” seems obvious I never thought of it until recently, they take up little to no space and will fit into your fanny pack, hydro pack, or backpack easily and if things happen to go awry you’ll thank yourself later.
  5. Just go: Lastly Use every opportunity to change your tampon, even if you don't have to go to the bathroom or don’t feel it's time for a change yet I highly suggest you do, I understand we all dead the festival porta-potties but, if your group is near the bathroom, making a pit stop, or killing time between sets, use every opportunity you see a restroom to change your tampon this way you can avoid leaks and having to leave in the middle of your favorite set.


Rave flag festival


While attending a festival on your period seems less than ideal I promise you doing these little things to help and make yourself more comfortable and feel just a little cleaner will make it so much easier. Most importantly remember that you're not the first person this has happened to and most likely isn't the only one at the festival going through it either.

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