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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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Circular Rave Wear is LIVE!

With A Little Help From Our Friends: Freedom Collabs Rave Blog

With A Little Help From Our Friends: Freedom Collabs

At Freedom, we’re all about community. We love working with other creatives to conjure up fabulous new collections. This piece will highlight some of our great collaborators, and the pieces they’ve brought to our shop! 

@ChubbiWubbi: Starseed

Starseed is a rave attire collaboration with the gorgeous, Maria, aka @chubbiwubbi. Maria is a popular Instagram influencer with over 11k followers. She is an artist, content creator, podcast host, and music festival lover. We were so excited to team up with her on the Starseed collection. 

Plus size rave clothing is something we are passionate about as we want to make the community as inclusive as possible. Maria is a master at marketing rave attire and we were very happy that she was excited to team up with us.

 gorgeous Starseed High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms

In this image, @chubbiwubbi is wearing the gorgeous Starseed High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms. What is a Starseed? Starseeds are souls that come to Earth with the Dharma (soul purpose) of impacting humanity with their wisdom and healing. The Starseed design is colorful and playful, with kaleidoscopic visuals. 

The entire Starseed collection comes in a wide variety of sizes as product availability lasts. From plus size rave clothing to petite sizes we have a range for any and every body shape.

@breelala: Wavy Baby

The Wavy Baby collection is another one of our popular collaborations with the influencer @breelala on Instagram. Bree is a plus-sized raver and festival lover with a passion for plus size rave clothing becoming more and more accessible, stylish, and empowering. This is one of the many reasons we were so excited to work with her.

The Wavy Baby collection has an almost psychedelic feel to it, very much reminiscent of the 70s flower power era. The Wavy Baby collection is very colorful and bright, absolutely perfect for a sexy rave outfit in every season. If you’re looking for the perfect plus size rave clothing for the festivals coming up in 2022, you must check out our collaboration with @breelala.

 Wavy Baby Baelien sleeves

In this image, Bree is rocking the Wavy Baby Baelien sleeves, which would be perfect for a warm winter rave outfit. Bring a sexy rave outfit up a notch with a piece from the Wavy Baby collaboration collection and tag both us and @breelala on Instagram! At FRW we have a large selection of plus size rave clothing to fit every woman’s body, celebrating women in all her forms.

@_leblunt_: Raving Rainbow

If you’re looking for something bright, you’ve found it! Our collaboration with @_leblunt_ is all about celebrating the colors of the rainbow. @_leblunt_ or Sami, is a popular Instagram influencer who teamed up with FRW to make her rainbow rave fantasies come true.

The Raving Rainbow collection includes everything you need to make a sexy rave outfit. From bikini tops, spandex bottoms, to crop tops, this collection has something every type of rainbow raver will adore. Of course plus size rave clothing is available in this collection, with everything ranging from XS to 2X.

woman wearing rainbow color ravewear

In the image above you can see @_leblunt_ rocking both the Raving Rainbow V Free Bra Top and the Raving Rainbow High Waisted Brazilian Bottoms. We love these pieces because of how flattering they are to the body shape. As you can see @_leblunt_ was able to easily accessorize the pieces to make the ultimate sexy rave outfit. A cute rave outfit is easy to create with the Raving Rainbow collection.

@sunflowerraver: Sunset Lover

One of our most popular collaborations was with Hera, known as @sunflowerraver. Hera’s collection of Sunset Lover was a soft and pastel collection highlighting the gorgeous colors of a sunset. @sunflowerraver is a very popular EDM lover with her personal Instagram account now reaching over 100k followers. If you’re looking for sexy rave outfit inspiration give her Instagram a scroll, she is a cute rave outfit queen.

 Sunset Lover Bikini Top

In the image above, Hera is rocking the Sunset Lover Bikini Top. The Sunset Lover collection was all printed on buttery soft recycled material, making it perfect for eco-friendly ravers and sunset lovers. It is perfect for raves in any season due to the warm, blended colors. Rock the Sunset Lover collection at summer and winter festivals.

This collaboration was also available in plus size rave clothing options from XS-2XL as stock lasts.

We love to collaborate with ravers to create cute rave outfit collections. Sexy rave outfits are our passion and working alongside those who share our passion is nothing more than a magical experience. If you would like to see a specific collaboration materialize, or you yourself would be interested in a collaboration, Contact Us!

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