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Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

Members Only Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday sale is a members only event 🛍️ Get your style pass for FREE and shop these once a year deals!

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How to Rave Safe this Winter Rave Blog

How to Rave Safe this Winter

Safety comes first with any rave, and the colder months bring some unique safety challenges. This piece will cover a few winter safety tips, including some of the following: warm rave wear, safe winter transportation, warm and safe sleeping accommodations.

There is a reason most winter raves are held in naturally warmer states like Texas, Arizona, California, etc. But that is not the case for every rave and there will definitely be some raves taking place in chilly temperatures this winter. Like the Decadence NYE festival in Denver, Colorado, for example. While a lot of these winter festivals and concerts are held indoors, you might find yourself standing outside in a line, and of course, arriving and leaving the venue.

If you’re going to be attending a music festival in a colder part of the country, or the world, it is important to protect yourself from the elements and dress accordingly. Check out our tips below for warm rave attire, along with other safety tips! 

Warm Rave Wear For Cold Weather

Cover up wherever you can. There are different pieces of clothing that you can add to your outfit and still look super sexy:


Adding some sleeves to your outfit will not take away from the vibe, but add to it. Freedom Rave Wear has an awesome selection of long sleeve additions to our different rave outfit collections. Choose from one-piece long sleeve options or two individual sleeves.

woman wearing pink and black outfit

We offer sleeves in so many different styles and colors you can match them to your summer rave outfit from FRW. Get the cold chill of your arms and cover-up for a more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe winter raving experience. 

Our sleeves come in all different sizes just like our rave attire. We offer plus-size rave wear in all designs and collections. Choose from size XS - 2XL.

Show FRW sleeves collection.


At Freedom Rave Wear we have a wide selection of bell bottoms, including plus-size rave wear options. Bell bottoms are warm rave wear working hard to protect your skin from cold temperatures. These stylish pants are tight, form-fitting to the body, highlighting your sexy shape.

woman wearing black and orange outfit for party

We have a wide variety of bell bottoms, some that are bright and light, and others that have a darker, moodier aesthetic. Options for everyone from size XS - 2XL.

Shop FRW’s bell-bottom collection.

Festival Scarves

At Freedom Rave Wear we have a selection of festival scarves. These are scarves that match a couple of our different rave fashion collections. The best thing about them is that they double as a shawl to cover your shoulders in the cold. 

woman with pink and black outfit in an outdoor festival

They can be worn around the neck, like a traditional scarf. They can also be styled as a wrap skirt, wrap shirt, or whatever else you can fashion out of it! We believe that these scarves are extremely versatile and unique.

Shop FRW’s festival scarf collection.

Transportation To Winter Festivals

While warm rave wear is extremely important, so is arriving and leaving a festival safely! 

Some festivals can be seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Or sometimes parking at the venue is more of a nightmare than it’s worth. Either way, it’s important to ensure safe travel to and from the festival, especially in the winter when walking or biking might not be an option.

Make sure to set up transportation to and from the festival before you arrive. This could mean pre-booking a car or taxi service, getting a friend or family member to drive, or setting yourself up with a shuttle service. 

Check with the festival beforehand to see if they are offering transportation for festival-goers. Sometimes different festivals or events offer shuttles to and from train stations or parkades, etc.

Music Festival Accommodations

Sometimes when you’re young, ‘winging it’ sounds fun and exciting. But trust us, if you are heading out of town or traveling to an EDM festival or music event, ensure you have somewhere safe to sleep.

Arriving in a city and heading right to the festival without nailing down accommodation could leave you wandering around an unfamiliar place in the middle of the night. This can be extremely dangerous in cold temperatures, particularly if you are not wearing warm rave wear. This is of course also just dangerous in general.

A little planning ahead of time never did anyone wrong! Ensuring you are equipped with warm rave wear, safe transportation, and accommodation will only improve your raving experience. A happy raver is a safe raver!

If you’re interested in learning more about our plus-size rave wear collection, check out our recent blog post Raves For All - Your Introduction To Freedom’s Inclusive Clothing Options.

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