Rave Wear Trend Forecast 2018: Rave outfits and key pieces on the up this festival season

Rave Wear Trend Forecast 2018: Rave outfits and key pieces on the up this festival seasonFRW Blog

It's here!

Festival season is really HERE! Let the sweet wubz and bass rain down upon us and bathe us in glorious PLUR! 

Photo taken at EDC Mexico 

Now if you're a real raver, you probably already have all your outfits for every second of every event planned out. Don't be so hasty! We've been vigilantly monitoring rave wear trends from all over the country with our high-tech surveillance equipment (our iPhones), and there are some truly badd trends that we think are going to blow up over the next few months. And since it will make us feel good if you look pretty, we've decided to share those with you!

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Image from Daily Mail

If you're on the Best Coast, Vans have been on our radar for a loooong while. This California-based skate brand provided us with some of our earliest cool-kid clout (checkered slip-ons, anyone?).

Vans have now reached beyond the California skate kids and snatched up ravers from all four corners of the USA. Not only are they comfortable as hell for hours of dancing, they are extremely versatile and come in like, 2309853 styles, colors, and prints. They even have a PLATFORM version for ladies who can no longer bear the pain of fancy platforms, but aren't ready to part with those extra inches. Girls, don't suffer in vanity. Just get some Vans. You're welcome. 

Checkered Platform Vans, vans.com, $65



Oooh la la! Harnesses have also been around for a while, but most of what we've seen is the intense hardware exclusively worn by dominatrixes and steampunk goths. Harness bras and even full-body harnesses have become more understated and accessible to mainstream ravers in the past year. Holographic and colored harnesses are on the rise, and we are 100% here for these fun updates! Check out Leeloogear and Mod Ministry Merch on Etsy for some stunning and quality harnesses that will hold up when the going gets rough. 

Jane & Eclipse Set from Mod Ministry Merch,  $52

Comes in white, black, gray, deep red, red, orage, lime, forest, aqua, mint, royal, pink, baby pink, lilac, and purple!




Not to brag but, we were way on top of this trend. Sleeves, aka "extreme crop tops," are the perfect way to keep warm at night without overheating when you want to lost your head in the middle of the crowd. The spandex pullover version can even be folded up and stuffed in a water pack if it gets too toasty. Wear with just pasties or glitter tits if you dare to bare! They're also great to wear to yoga or the gym for warm ups. These are obviousleeve the next rave item you should buy. 

(I won't apologize for obviousleeve. I thought it was awesome)

Marble Two-Tone Baelien Sleeves, FRW, $40


Long Skirts and Chaps

@haleyaltic & @hmsandss

Wanna show some skin, but don't want to commit to going all the way bare? Chaps will let the rave booty come out to play while keeping your legs covered. Wanna keep that booty stowed? A long skirt with an open front or sexy slits is a fun little teaser, and makes even the most awkward dancer (who, me?) look like a graceful goddess. If you're a little bit little, just make sure you hem them to the right length--it is v annoying to get your hems stepped on. Just trust me.

Club Exx Danger Stripe Chaps, Dollskill, $55

Cobra Queen Skirt, FRW, $75




Nants, or "no pants," is named such because it LOOKS like you're not wearing pants, but you (hopefully) are. Let's be honest--on Day 3 of any festival, we all just want to rave in our jammies. Nants is the next best thing. Put on a pair of bikini bottoms (get some from FRW for just $7!), throw on a wacky oversized T-shirt, and you look like you're put-together, even if you don't feel like it. Plus, you can have all the pizza and beer you want and won't have to suck in for pictures! It's perfect! 

Purple Reign Brazilian Bikini Bottoms, FRW, $12

Gary Men's T-Shirt, Rageon, starting at $15


Thigh Chains

Image from Grace Bijoux

Thighs are a waaaaay underrated body part. Since they are out and proud most of the time at a rave, you should give them some much-needed attention with some thigh-bling. If you're wondering "how the hell do these things stay up?," I will be honest, I was too. Turns out the chain is attached to a piece of elastic that goes around your upper thigh and keeps it in place. If you don't like the elastic showing, wear shorts or a short skirt to hide it. There are also some thigh chain garters that go all the way up and around your waist. Grace Bijoux makes some gorgeous thigh bling and other body jewelry, but if you're going to order from them, do it well in advance; they're based in Australia.

Lightning Bolt Thigh Chain, Grace Bijoux,  $40

Biodegradable Glitter

Image from Universal Soul

Okay so, the unfortunate thing about festivals is that afterward, the venue looks like a trash hurricane blew through. It makes the Earth sad. But when the Earth heard about biodegradable glitter, she perked up a little. This glitter is made from plant cellulose (the stuff that makes plants rigid) instead of plastic, so you don't have to feel guilty when you see all that pretty glitter swirling down the drain. Universal Soul and and Eco Stardust come in gorgeous single-color or mixed pots. The best part? It doesn't cost extra to help save the Earth. at just $10 a pop, they are extremely well priced. Bye plastic, you canceled. 

6g glitter pots, Universal Soul, $10


 @chrissyyawnick & @stephxohaven

This is far-and-away the fastest-growing rave hairstyle, which means Space Buns have finally burned out. 2013 VMA's Miley will always have a place in our hearts, but these long braids are just so much fun to whip around! They are mostly seen with colored fake hair braided in, and often wrapped with fabric (see our selection of braid wraps!). They're not too difficult to do yourself or with a friend, but if you're in SoCal and want a professional job, contact our faves @bambiihair or @tashatripphair. You can give these ladies full creative control--you won't be disappointed.

Bonus: You can take a break from washing your hair, you filthy animal 
2nd Bonus: You have pretty mermaid princess waves when you take them out!

Lucy Braid Wraps, FRW, $10 

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