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Have You Been to Beyond Wonderland? Rave Blog

Have You Been to Beyond Wonderland?

March is officially here and we all know what that means, IT'S FESTIVAL SEASON! And with that, that means the beginning of the crazy world that is every raver trying to decide what festivals they're going to be attending for the year! It's the hardest decision any of us can make, and with lineup's not even dropped for some of them, it's a hard choice! But us over here at Rave Hackers have teamed up with Freedom Rave Wear team to show you all the excitement of the major festivals coming up to help ease some of those festival season woes!

So with that being said, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about one of the most sought-after, and the personal fave, of many ravers far and wide... I've heard about a magical land where anyone can go to escape the real world and submerge themselves into a new world of fun and adventure! So follow me as we enter the magical world of...

 Beyond Wonderland


WHO    |     WHAT     |     WHEN    |    WHERE    


That's right, let's journey (back) into the wonderful and wild world of the Insomniac's psychedelic adventures with Alice in Wonderland. This year, the Insomniacs are hosting their So Cal Beyond Wonderland event at the NOS Event Center out in San Bernardino, March 16th & 17th.  


In 2017, the Insomniac's deviated from the traditional Alice in Wonderland and turned Beyond Wonderland into "The Endless Sea". However, this year they have brought back their original Alice in Wonderland experience for the 75,000 headliners (guests) that attend (on an annual basis), complete with all new upgrades and tweaks for their stages! This year, they're bringing four stages into the mix at the NOS Event Center, Queens Domain, Mad Hatter's Castle, Caterpillar's Garden and Cheshire Woods. Each of them bringing to life a whole new world down the rabbit hole.


Where will you begin your journey into Wonderland?

In true Insomniac fashion, there are also going to be roving stages throughout the venue. One of them featuring an oasis to break away from the mayhem and enjoy music and art all in one at the Beyond Wench. Make sure you don't miss Wide Awake either, another roving stage that will be featuring new up and coming artists, it's rumored that you can catch the up and coming artist Bijou here, who has been on the rise and unstoppable with his trance based beats that take his audience on a journey down the rabbit hole through a progression of slow, smooth beats too fast, pulsating trance tunes that pulls the crowd deeper into his hypnotic tones.

Are you ready to journey with us through the magical world of Beyond Wonderland?The Experience

The Insomniac crew has created an immersive experience for their headliners, including all new stage productions, art installations, and other-worldly character and aerial costumes. Last year they created a magical underwater world, including twinkling sea lanterns, vibrant coral reefs, and mermaids; For this year they have something out of a storybook. I can't wait to see the Insomniac interpretation of Alice and her merry band of misfits!

The Venue

If you're not familiar with the NOS Event center then make sure you're preparing properly! AKA: Make sure you know where you're going to park/ how you're going to get there. A pro tip from the gorgeous @allyalv is to make sure you're parking in Insomniac parking lots! Insomniac lots are monitored during the whole event, whereas others aren't necessarily as tightly run and you run the risk of getting your car broken into. We always want everyone to have a great time, and even though the majority of us spread PLUR, there are unfortunately those who aren't always spreading those same vibes. But don't let it be a party pooper, because instead of it happening to you just be prepared! Keep your valuables close, in pockets or in hard to reach places in your bag and be mindful of your surroundings! Another pro tip, don't forget to get a picture at the iconic NOS pond!

Bringing to the NOS Event Center a slew of amazing artists, ranging from sounds of house, trance dubstep, drum & bass and so much more, Beyond Wonderland is bringing a whole new meaning to 'What's in your head?'. Outside of the gorgeous, psychedelic experience that you'll have within the events stages and lasers, the Insomniac crew has also included enough food, water, and entertainment inside the event center to last everyone all day long!

 Pro Tip: Make sure that you bring enough money!  Luckily, you'll be able to use a whole slew of different payment options including cash, credit, debit, Apply Pay AND Android Pay.  Now if that' s not impressive I don' t know what is. Also, make sure that once you go in you're okay to stay because there is a strict no re-entrance policy. 

 What else can you expect to find inside Beyond Wonderland? Check it out:


 |    Food Vendors (vegan and vegetarian options)     |     Bars     |     FreeOutfits Water Refill Stations     |     Charging Stations & Lockers     |     ATM     |      General Store      |      Medical Saftey & Health Tents     |



Dress like the queen you are! Get all your Beyond Wonderland festival wear over at Freedom Rave Wear! Beyond Wonderland is the perfect place to try out your new psychedelic looks! Getting to see all the different variations of people rocking different Alice in Wonderland outfits is something I love! I'm a personal fan fave of the twins outfits, I think they're just so cute! BUT as you all already know, I'm a huge advocate for 'wear what you're comfortable in'. If you're still not sure what you might want to wear, I highly recommend check out the new Moon Shower and Sweethearts Collection at Freedom Rave Wear. If you're still unsure of what you want, or you just need some inspiration to get that ball rolling, go check out my rave outfit basics here, or head over to the Rave Hacker's pinterest board, "Beyond Wonderland" for outfit & makeup ideas, kandi designs, and so much more! 




Is there still something you can't find? Have you lost youIf you have questions, make sure you're on the look out for the Insomniac Ground Control members! They're there to help make your Beyond Wonderland experience one to remember! r friends and can't get service? Or anything in between? Go looking for "Ground Control", these are the designated Insomniac volunteers! They'll be rocking their signature purple shirts and they are all there to make sure that you and all your friends have the best. time. possible! 

If you're horrible at keeping track of extra paper, and you're directionally challenged (like me), make sure you don't miss out on the Insomniacs Beyond Wonderland app that gives you an interactive line up for the weekend as well as a digital map to help you navigate through the rabbit hole!

So tell us, what are YOU most excited to experience inside of the wild and wonderfully psychedelic world of Alice in Wonderland? Share with us your favorite experiences, biggest pro tips, or even something that everyone needs to make sure they experience at least once inside of Beyond Wonderland!


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