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Relive the 5 best sets from EDC Las Vegas 2016 Rave Blog

Relive the 5 best sets from EDC Las Vegas 2016

EDC Rave Photo

Post-EDC blues still got you down? I am SO with you. In fact, I think it’s only been a day since I stopped eating my feelings and blaming it on the bagilion calories I just had to have burned dancing the night away for three days straight.

EDC Las Vegas came and went far too quickly and I hope yours went as smoothly as mine — with outfits on point, Uber + walking making it the most flawless year of transportation ever and a hotel that had hot breakfast waiting for us at 6 a.m. (score!). And that’s not even getting into the perfection that was EDC 20. I’m talking fireworks that made 4th of July seem like a sham, everyone believing, at least for a second, that Marshmello could actually be Tiesto (don’t deny it) along with some of the best sets any of us had ever seen. Seriously, can you believe it’s been almost a month since we met under the electric sky?

But now, it’s back to reality. No need to fear, by the grace of the rave gods (and Sirus XM radio really) we can listen to almost all the EDC 20 sets until our heart’s content. Not sure where to start? Here are my top 5 picks:

  1.     Don Diablo 

My boyfriend and I have been waiting for what feels like forever to see Don Diablo. He has a sort of Avicci meets Oliver Heldens sound that is cheeks-hurt-from-smiling-so-much cheery and just a goddamn delight to listen to. I’m always nervous going into sets with that much anticipation, but I should have had no qualms about this one. Don Diablo played mainstage at the pretty inopportune time of 8 p.m. on Friday night, so there’s a good chance you missed this set live. It’s time to correct that mistake and listen to the first set I heard all weekend, which held strong as my number one pick overall.

  1.     Oliver Heldens

In a world where most lower tempo house sounds like this to me, Oliver Heldens is what I want chill dance music to be. Plus, halfway through his set, Heldens jumped down from his DJ throne to shuffle on stage, a memorable moment that threw the set over the top.

  1.     Axwell and Ingrosso

 With so much great music happening at EDC, you can only invest your anticipation into so many sets and for no good reason at all, I had little expectations going into Axwell and Ingrosso’s set. This led me to turning to friends about half a dozen times to exclaim that I have no idea what I was expecting for these two, but for some reason it wasn’t the magic they delivered. With this duo’s track record, I had no reason to be surprised, but dang was it pleasant.

  1.     Galantis

 I’ve talked up Galantis before and I’m here to do it again :) Galantis has a ridiculous amount of amazing singles beyond Runaway that are so dynamic I always assume they are from other artists. I spent about 6 months hearing Gold Dust (my favorite song of the year) and searching misheard lyrics before finally finding out it was a Galantis track. Hearing it live was hands down one of my favorite EDC moments. Even with that, I’ll admit now I was a little too run down to truly appreciate them live on Day 3 at sunrise. I finally got to re-listening to this set last weekend and could barely believe my ears. I can guarantee this will be my most re-played set of the weekend.

  1.     Tommy Trash

Tommy Trash is super underrated. He’s been around and good at least since I started going to shows 2012 and it seems like he just never gets the credit he deserves — never grouped with hottest DJs, never playing mainstage…I don’t get it. It’s time to give Tommy some love because he absolutely sets it off and his EDC was no exception. 

Written By: Desiree Roughton

Matt Lumafi EDC 2016

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