Raving Remotely - What are Online Raves

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Raving Remotely - What are Online Raves Rave Blog

Raving Remotely - What are Online Raves

This has definitely been a weird few couple of years for raves. Even as some festivals re-open with vaccine passports, others remain closed or in limbo. And let’s not even talk about the mess that travel is going to become.


However, we’re nothing if not a resourceful bunch in the rave community. The coronavirus has helped spur some truly funky evolutions in the rave space- such as the virtual or online rave. Just because you’re not physically present doesn’t mean that you can’t still capture some of that rave magic. 

What is a Virtual Rave?

As the name suggests, a virtual rave is a way to rave online and enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home. The trick to making this happen is the fact that plenty of raves are doing online streaming. Some musicians might even be streaming directly during the pandemic. 

So all you need to do on your end is get as many friends as possible to tune into the same steam at once with video on. You’ll want some sort of streaming service app to get everyone together - how many depends on how many people you can get on board. Zoom, for example, can hold up to 100 people in a single call. 

And that’s it! Now you can all listen to music and jam out at the same time! 

How to Make the Most Out Of Your Virtual Rave

A virtual rave might never be able to capture the energy and experience of the real thing, but with enough creativity and passion, you can make it come close. With video, you have a unique chance to control how you present yourself to the world.

Unlike in a regular rave, you don’t only get to determine what you look like, but what your surroundings look like as well. If you have an amazingly decorated space to show off, this is the chance! Otherwise, try making it dark and getting some glowing lights set up. 

Many video apps also give you the option of creating your own digital background. Previously, this was a tool used by people in business meetings trying to conceal what a mess their house was. You, however, can use this for more creative purposes, applying psychedelic or hilarious backgrounds to entertain your friends.

And, of course, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up to show off. Just like any other rave, this is a great time to grab the booty shorts, crop top or any other great rave clothing you have. Since you have the option of raving at home in a darkened room, make sure to grab as many bright colors and glowing accessories to make some neon rave outfits.

Virtual raves are also a great way to beat another issue with raving in autumn and winter - the chillier temperatures. If you had a great Halloween rave costume idea that you weren’t sure was practical for autumn where you live, now is the time to bust it out. If you are creative enough, your funky festival outfit can work as a Halloween costume for other events, and vice versa. If you want something a little “in your face” to accessorize for Halloween, make sure to check out our Toxic line, perfect for neon rave outfits. 

Now Get To Raving

With everything prepped to make sure that you look your most awesome, all that is left is to turn down the lights, crank the volume on your stream and get partying. The great part about a virtual rave is that you have total control over your own pace, taking breaks easily when you want to. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about porta-potties! 

If you’re looking to get some great outfits to rave online, make sure to check out our shop, for tons of great rave outfits and accessories. 

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