Style Inspo Series- Nebula Nomad

festival space outfit


Get ready to warp into a realm of cosmic fashion! Introducing our extraordinary style inspo from the Strange Lands collection by Freedom Rave Wear. Prepare to embark on a journey to a galaxy far, far away, where space cowgirl vibes meet interstellar chic. Let's dive into this otherworldly outfit that's as unique as you are!


  1. Strange Lands Lush Lace Top: This top is an adventure in itself! With laces to tie in countless ways, you'll craft a look that's out of this world. Embrace your inner space cowgirl and create a style that's as bold as your spirit.

  2. Strange Lands Bell Bottoms: These cosmic bell bottoms are a nod to both the past and the future. The flared design adds a touch of retro while the celestial pattern propels you into the space age.

  3. Strange Lands Gloves: Elevate your style with these captivating gloves. The intricate details transport you to an alien landscape, making your outfit an artful masterpiece.

  4. Strange Lands Bandana: Wrap your head in an enigma of style! This bandana captures the essence of strange lands and serves as a perfect accessory for your cosmic cowgirl look.

  5. Space Cowgirl Harness: Embrace the fusion of wild west and interstellar charm with this unique harness. It's a cosmic accessory that ties your outfit together with a touch of frontier flair.


Congratulations! You've crafted a look that's both mysterious and mesmerizing, transporting you to the nexus of strange lands and space cowgirl magic. Whether you're dancing under the stars or exploring uncharted fashion territories, this ensemble will make you the star of the cosmic show. So saddle up, wrangle those celestial vibes, and let your style shine brighter than a supernova!


Shoes: Demonia

Hat: Amazon


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