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Style Inspo Series- Sonic Swirls Rave Blog

Style Inspo Series- Sonic Swirls

Wonky festival outfit


Step into the electric world of Wonky! Get ready to groove in a festival outfit that pulses with green, yellow, white, and black vibes, capturing the energetic spirit of the dancefloor!


  1. Wonky Goddess Bodysuit: Embrace your inner goddess with this vibrant bodysuit. Its bold colors and intricate design make you the center of attention wherever you dance.

  2. Wonky Bandana: Keep your style fresh with a funky bandana. Wrap it around your wrist, hair, or even tie it to your bag for that extra pop of color.

  3. Black Gummy Bear Necklace: Add a touch of whimsy with a playful gummy bear necklace. It's a fun accessory that matches the vibrant spirit of the Wonky collection.

  4. Dance 2 Love Chain Belt: Let your hips sway to the beat with this eye-catching chain belt. It's a statement piece that adds flair to your festival look.

  5. Fishnets: Complete your ensemble with classic fishnet tights. They not only add texture to your outfit but also give you the confidence to dance freely. 


Get ready to move and groove in this electric Wonky outfit from Freedom Rave Wear. With a mix of green, yellow, white, and black, you'll radiate festival energy and dance the night away in style. It's time to embrace the music and let your spirit shine bright!


Shoes: Demonia

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