Thunderdome Review

By: Celeste (@Lady.nyxx)


In the world of dubstep, Excision is King. Entering the scene in 2006, Excision has played a major roll in shaping North American dubstep into what it has become today. Excision has been keeping headbangers on their toes by introducing new mind-blowing experiences on the regular. From the Executioner stage to the Paradox, Lost Lands to Bass Canyon, the introduction of The Evolution, a new audiovisual experience, was met with much anticipation. Its premiere was at Thunderdome.


Headbanger rave girl


The home to Bass Canyon, Washington State is filled with headbangers who lined up at the Thunderdome to catch their fix. A hiccup with Ticketmaster who failed to provide eTickets caused patrons to wait in line for their tickets from Will Call for up to five hours on Friday night. Excision responded by having Ticketmaster increase their staffing and extended the entirety of the show an hour which was as far as the Tacoma Dome would let him.


Excision Thunderdome


Friday night started with a solo set from Champagne Drip, followed by a line of back-to-backs from Calcium & Yaks, Wooli & Phase One, Blunts & Blondes with Dion Timmer, Trampa & Maurada, and 12th Planet & Riot Ten. A crowd favorite came from the two dubstep veterans, 12th Planet & Riot Ten. They showed once again why they have managed to stay in the game year after year. Production during these sets was very minimal with a few small screens and some lasers before Excision brought out the big guns.

In a grand gesture with curtains dropping from the sky, The Evolution was revealed. Screens so high up you had to crank your neck back to look at them all and fifty lasers lined down the length of the Dome creating a ceiling of light throughout.


Excision Lasers


Excision's set was immaculate as always. Top of the line sound system thumping out ID after ID. Visuals that put an IMAX film to shame played on triple-layered screens, the center screen in the shape of an X to constantly remind you whose world you had entered. And the lasers and lights which seemed to have their very own emotions, at the time were harsh and abrupt, and others being as beautiful as the Aurora Borealis. This was an audiovisual experience unlike any other.


Excision Thunderdome


Saturday night quickly showed to be a whole other animal. With selling out the 15,000 person capacity, the amount of personal space shrank from the day before. Trivecta, an artist a bit different from the rest, opened the night with a set filled with emotional, melodic dubstep and live electric guitar playing. He set the tone to what would be an amazing day two. The energy of the night continued to grow with Lucii, then G-Rex & Champagne Drip, Phase One & Kai Wachi, and then to Spagheddy & Wooli. Liquid Stranger was the last set before Excision's return, and his more chill, wonky vibe gave everyone their rest before the grand finale.

Excision's second set of the weekend was equally as magnificent as the first. He took us on a rollercoaster of emotion, making us rage one moment and cry at the next. Sometimes even doing both at the same time. He moved our hearts with his music and blew our minds with his lights. And I believe he changed our souls, even if just a little. After all, this was the beginning of the Evolution.

This was the Thunderdome.

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