What you should wear to a paint party

We’re lucky here in Socal — whether it’s right here at home in San Diego, or a short drive away in LA, we welcome the world’s best shows and DJ’s on what is no less than a constant basis. This weekend is no different. This weekend were expectantly awaiting the arrival of a lion head. Allow me to explain. This lion head is giant, it’s lit up and it’s about to be filled with Audien, 3lau and Grand Theft. Take a look at its April 8 appearance in Raleigh:

 Life in Color San Diego

Life in Color — Kingdom is about abandoning fears and self-doubt to embark on a personal journey, finding the courage of a lion, if you will. But Kingdom is just the theme of this year’s international tour. It’s identity — “The World’s Largest Paint Party.” That’s right. At Life in Color, you get drenched in more that good vibes and sick beats. There is also a bunch of paint getting thrown around. I went to my first Life in Color three years ago and had no idea what to expect from a paint party. I showed up in my dingiest jean shorts and a shirt I was willing to throw out at the end of the night, not knowing how they’d fare in a massive paint splash.


After just a few minutes I realized what you should actually wear to a paint party — literally anything washable. In all my apprehension thinking about my clothes, I failed to consider that however much paint would be getting on me, a whole lot more would make its way onto the walls, floors, chairs, etc. of the venue. A venue used for hundreds of other non-painted events throughout the year, meaning any paint thrown around has to be super washable. It will come out of your clothes just as easily as it does the carpet, stage, whatever of the venue. So don’t be afraid to bust out your favorite rave wear (the lighter the better) and get painting.

Written by Desiree Roughton: Writer and Rhythm Chaser

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