3 Days Until the Dirtiest Electro Lineup Ever Hits SoCal

As festival goers, we’re often lying in wait for a lineup stacked with a handful of artists we can get excited about. But have you ever seen a lineup where the majority of names gave you butterflies? For me, that festival is We are NRG, and it’s only 3 days away. If you like electro, (read: bangers) I assume you agree. This is the lineup electro fans have been waiting for. The event that screams “Deep house? What’s that?”

We are NRG 2016 Lineup News

NRG is a mini-festival, if you will, happening over two days in San Bernardino. Another of Insomniacs’ genius doings, ALL of the following artists are making an appearance: Bassjackers, Firebeatz, Sander Van Doorn, Ummet Ozcan, W & W…I’ll give you a second to breathe…GTA, Laidback Luke and Valentino Khan. That’s literally 8 out of 16 artists that are not only “would be cool to see” status, but “holy crap, their name alone would get me out to a show.”

How is that even possible? I really don’t know, but I’ve decided to stop questioning how such a sick lineup is randomly wedged into our schedule pre-Memorial Day and thank the rave gods for the gift they are giving us. If you are unfamiliar with any of the names above, let me sum it up by assuring you that this event will more than live up to it’s name — these are the highest energy DJs in the biz. Also, if you like anyone on that list, you’ll be glad to know this is also one of the most flawlessly connected lineups I’ve seen. Not saying they sound the same, but they will definitely be complementing each other.

As an added bonus, the show runs Friday and Saturday until 3 a.m., so there’s plenty of Sunday recovery time left for everyone (me) who has to work on Monday. So, pack your bags with energy drinks and get a helluva lot of sleep this week because you will be dancing your a** off the entire ride.

Written by Desiree Roughton: Writer and Rhythm Chaser

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