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Are you going to Electric Forest? Rave Blog

Are you going to Electric Forest?

Electric Forest

If you're not familiar with Electric Forest then you were just like me when I first heard about this festival. I thought it was truly just half-naked people, running around in the forest roughing it.. and I was thought what was the point of that? Then my best friend when to Electric Forest and she came back and told me about how she got to talk to Lorin (Bassnectar) through a phone in a tree, about life and how we're all beautiful people just sharing in the experiences of music together. I was 'in' after that. I knew I needed to go!

This festival hasn't always been around, and surprisingly enough I've only really started hearing about it the past year or two. The first Electric Forest event was held in 2011 and is co-produced by Madison House Presents and Insomniac Events. The original event started off as a single weekend event, but in 2017 they doubled the fun and made it a two-weekend event! That's right, you heard me, two weekends! 

Okay okay, enough chit chat lets get down to the fun stuff! Check it out below!

Prepare for Electric Forest like a pro!

WHO   |    WHAT    |    WHEN    |    WHERE

The forest is held every year in Rothbury, Michigan at the Double JJ Resort, on June 21st-24th and June 28th-July 1st. If you’re not sure how you’re going to get there, go check out the Electric Forest page here for an amazing break down of all the different ways that you can possibly get to the forest! We’ll talk about some of them below ;) Also, make sure you head over here to learn all about what you will definitely need while you’re there. But let us just start with the basics, shall we?

 Ticket Options

Get ready for Electric Forest! There is are a ton of different options in terms of how you want to enjoy your E-Forest experience. They want everyone to have a great experience, and I 10/10 support that. But, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into, here's a great break down of all your different options, including the amenities that go along with them!                                                                                                          Depending on the experience that you're wanting to have you have various options. GA camping is a popular option for many festival goers! You have the option to tent-only camp, which you guessed it, means that it's just you and the tent! This is a great option if you're taking a bus, shuttle, uber, etc. If you're looking for more options like that, head over here to the Electric Forest website for some bangin' options!                                                                                                       If GA camping isn't for you, or you're just looking to splurge on your festival experience (this is a great festival for that), then check out their Good Life options. Within their VIP options, you have quite a few choices. You can camp only with your tent, or with your car! Which is similar to GA, however, things change when you start looking into their Back 40 options, which provide attendees with a little more camping space and you're amongst the trees. How magical. But most importantly... 

The campgrounds open at 12:01 AM on Thursday, and close at 12:00 PM Monday!

Curated Events

The curated events at Electric Forest are my favorite part! Learn all about them! For both weekends, we're all going to be lucky enough to experience BassRush. A curated event hosting different artists each weekend, but in all honesty, weekend 2 has some amazing b2b's that we personally and highly recommend experiencing. But with Kayzo and his new album dropped and Jauz just now getting engaged, I'm sure there are going to be some deadly beats being thrown down at this event on weekend 1. Update: It's officially been announced that Jauz is attending both weekends of E-Forest! Weekend 2 is PACKED! For weekend 1 you'll also get to experience Green Velvet's LaLaLand @ Tripolee (ft. Green Velvet (duh), Nicole Moudaber and more), as well as This Ain't Bristol. If you're still on the fence about weekend one, weekend 2 might just be the answer that makes you want to say "that's the one!". Weekend 2 is jam-packed with some amazing trancey tunes, from the Desert Hearts Takeover event (ft. Mikey Lions, Porky & more), as well as the Forward Thinkers & Mau5trap events. 





Art Installations/Interactions

Have you ever experienced the art installations at Electric Forest? Outside of all the amazing musicians that Electric Forest brings to Michigan every year, there are also some spectacular art installations. They're scattered throughout the fairgrounds and campgrounds. You'll get to experience artists making amazing pieces. With everything ranging from paintings to carvings to real sculptures. Interact with them and watch them as they create new work. If you're looking to express yourself too, there are places for you to create your own pieces or become one with them! If you're looking for something to interact with, there are tons of characters wandering all around that are always happy to take pictures and interact! As I mentioned earlier, there are also all kinds of awesome opportunities to interact with ANYONE in the forest, even artists as big as Bassnectar. 

The Venue

First things, don't be like me. At my first festival, I had no idea how big the grounds could be until I was wandering around and realized that I had no idea how to get back to my tent! So, luckily E-Forest has brought you the ease of using a stellar app that makes navigating not only the grounds directionally but also allows you to navigate the artistic landscape as well as set times!

[ Pro Tip: If you're worried about service inferring with your ability to use the app, FEAR NOT, for the app works without service. So throw on your airplane mode to save yourself some battery life and enjoy the festival! ]
The grounds are also set up in groups. When you walk into the grounds, you're going to see the Tripolee stage. This is where you're going to find your heavy bass options, as well as the closing shows for each night and yoga each morning! From there you should absolutely journey into the Ranch Arena, which is considered the Main Stage. From from the Ranch, Sherwood Forest is calling your name! Here there are three different stages in this area, each of them offering a different experience. Outside of just the music, Sherwood Forest also offers amazing attractions as well! 
[ Pro Tip: If you're heading into the festival grounds for a certain show, head there about an hour early. The gates can get a little packed when certain shows are coming on and missing your favorite artist can be a bit of a bummer! ]

 Get prepared and sneak a peak at the Electric Forest festival grounds map!

So what are you MOST excited for this year inside the Forest? Do you have an art installation that you know is a must see? Or an interactive experience that no one should miss out on? TELL US!

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- Jessi

Electric Forest is my absolute favorite festival! The experience is just stunning. I’m going to EF Weekend 2 for the second year in a row. I hear that you get a loyalty pin for going 5 years in a row, so that’s what I’m shooting for! ūüėĀ

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