Rave Accessories

Body chains, scarves, pasties, and more! Literally anything and everything you need to complete the ultimate rave outfit.

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Freedom Rave Wear Organic Bucket Hat

White Chain Choker

Disco Organic Bucket Hat

Wubz Organic Bucket Hat - White

Wubz Organic Bucket Hat - Green

S'mores Gold Hoops

Sea Glass Silver Hoops

Shego Gold Hoops

Green Toxic Bead Bracelets - 3 Piece

Happiness Bead Bracelets - 3 Piece

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Pink Flower Drop Acrylic Earrings

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Teal Flower Drop Acrylic Earrings

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Jail House Body Chain

Thunder Dome Harness

White Mesh Skater Skirt

Black Mesh Skater Skirt